Structure of IPACS

Academic Office

Deputy Director Alexandra Tsareva

Research and Education Centre of MPA Programmes

Director of Centre Elizabeth Stepanenko

Russian-French Education and Consulting Centre

Director of Centre Elena Ponomarenko

Russian-Spanish Partnership Centre

Director of Centre Olga Pirozhenko

Career Planning and Modelling Center

Director of Centre Inna Bazyleva

Centre for Further Education

Deputy Director of Centre Olesya Yukhimenko

Education Programme Quality Monitoring Centre

Director of Centre Igor Moskalev

Public Administration and Civil Service Research Centre

Director of Centre Elena Litvintseva
Dean of the Faculty Vladimir Botnev

Faculty of State and Municipal Administration

Department of State and Municipal Administration

Head of Department Vladimir Botnev

Mediator Training Centre

Director of Centre Konstantin Krokhin

State Administration and Law Monitoring Centre

Director of Centre Yuri Tikhomirov
Dean of the Faculty Svetlana Larina

Faculty of State Audit

Department of State Regulation of Economy

Head of Department Valery Kushlin

Department of Public Sector Economy and Finance

Head of Department Alexander Bystryakov

Department of Theory and Practice of Government Control

Head of Department Valery Goreglyad

Department of Labour and Social Policy

Head of Department Sergey Kalashnikov

Department of Environmental Resources Management

Head of Department Valentin Krasnoshchekov

Department of Government/Religious Relationship

Head of Department Veronica Kravchuk

Intercollegiate Education Centre «Religion and Society»

Director of Centre hieromonk Ioann (Kopeykin)

Centre for Religion Studies

Director of Centre Dmitry Uzlaner

Department of Regional Administration

Head of Department Vladimir Shtol

Department of National and Federative Relations

Head of Department Vyacheslav Mikhailov

Department of UNESCO

Head of Department Vladimir Egorov

Migration Policy Research Centre

Director of Centre Victoria Ledeneva

Centre for Election Technologies

Director of Centre Vladimir Pyzin
Head of Department Tatyana Yuryeva

Department of Project and Programme Administration

Department of Anti-Crisis and Risk Management

Head of Department Galina Ivleva

Department of Computer Studies and Applied Mathematics

Head of Department Ruslan Korchagin

MBA Centre

Director of Centre Tatyana Yuryeva

Centre for Public Private Partnership

Director of Centre Ludmila Ilyicheva
Head of Department Oleg Zaytsev

The School of Law

Department of State Law Studies

Head of Department Igor Bartsits

Department for Legal Support of Market Economy

Head of Department A post with the ID $person does not exist.

Centre for Economic Justice

Director of Centre Vladimir Zaytsev

Center for Comparative Law IPACS RANEPA

Director of Centre Alexander Eremenko

Department for Legal Support of Civil Service

Head of Department Elena Kireeva

Department of Civil Service and Recruitment Policy

Head of Department Ludmila Fotina

Department of Personnel Administration

Head of Department Larissa Obukhova
Head of Department Vladimir Silkin

Department of Journalism

Department of Information Process Management

Head of Department Vladimir Silkin

Department of Political and Business Journalism

Head of Department Andrey Novikov-Lanskoy

Department of Public Relations and Media Policy

Head of Department Felix Sharkov

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