A Title of the Honorary Doctor of the Presidential Acaemy Awarded to Franco Frattini

November 26, 2018

On November 26 a ceremony of presenting to Mr. Franco Frattini a diploma of the Honorary Docor of RANEPA took place. After the ceremony he delivered an open lecture “European Union and Russia: How to Renew Necessary Strategic Partnership”. This event was organized by IPACS.

Cooperation of Italy, of European Union, of all the West with Russia always was a central heme in political and professional juridical career of Mr. Frattini. This fact was emphasized by the Rector of The Presidentional academy Vladimir Mau presenting to the guest a Doctor of RANEPA diploma. “Presenting of the gown of a Honorary Doctor is a symbolic but not a frequent event for our academy”, said RANEPA Rector and expressed his hope for development of cooperation between our two countries in various fields: research, education, business, formation of state emploees. Vladimir Mau also expressed his gratitude o the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Italy to Russia Mr. Pascuale Terrachano for his contribution to development of relationship between our countries and sincere desire to intensify it.
Mr. Terrachino reminded that he worked together with Franco Frattini more than 20 years. “I am a direct witness of a deep concern of Mr. Frattini for relationship of Russia with Italy and with European Union”, he said. Mr. Frattini always worked to develop effective cooperation with Russia and in this work he combined a reason of a lawyer with an intuition of a politician. Mr. Ambassador transmitted to RANEPA the gratitude of Italian government for high evaluation of Mr. Frattini work.
Franco Frattini declared in his speach that the award of the gown of the Honorary Doctor of RANEPA is a great honor for him. It is for the second time when his activity is highly evaluated by Russia. For the first time such an evaluation took place when the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin awarded him the Order of Friendship in 2012.
The Honorary Doctor of RANEPA understands clearly the necessity to renew cooperation with Russia. Such a cooperation and partnership are obligatory conditions for effective struggle against the dangers to global security and terrorism which penetrates today also into cyberspace and economic markets. “Our confrontation continues too long. It is time for European Union to rethink sanctions. We have a common goal – global security. We should replace the logic of confrontation by the logic of cooperation, in which each side realises its duty and so we work together for a common welfare”, concluded his lecture Franco Frattini.
Director of IPACS Igor Barcic thanked the guest for interesting lecture and asked him by what events in his life he is most proud of. Mr. Frattini described to the audience several examples of his long career but he is especially proud of his participation in saving six Italian citizens kidnapped by terrorist groups. Concluding the meeting Igor Barcic wished to the students such a life when they also wll have right to be proud of their work for the country and its citizens.

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