Master’s degree

41.04.01. Foreign Regional Studies


Russia-Eurasia: Political and Economic Processes (Russia and Eurasia: Political and Economic Processes). Educational program in English

Phones: (499) 956-08-17, (499) 956-00-12, (985) 644-61-50, (915) 667-37-29, (915) 416-28-20


Training specialists with complex systematized information about foreign countries and regions of Eurasia aimed at the development of economic, political, humanitarian cooperation in the Eurasian space and strengthening ties with other regions of the world.

Places of work
: international organizations, bodies of authority, business, organizations of any form of ownership in Russia and abroad.

Entrance examinations: an exam on the basic discipline in the test form in the one hundred-point system.


Applicants, coming to study at Master’s degree programs, submit the following documents:

  1. Statement by the applicant (to fill online).
  2. Passport which verify the identity, citizenship, the recognition of a citizen of the Russian Federation (as well as a copy of the pages concerning the applicant’s biodata and registration).
  3. Diploma on higher education, including the application (original and copy).
  4. Photos (3×4 cm, black and white, matte, without trim) – 4 pcs.
  5. The documents confirming the right to establish special conditions during entrance examinations (original and copy).
  6. Originals and copies of documents proving the individual achievements of the entrant (provided by the applicant’s discretion).
  7. The documents confirming the right to a preferential crediting (in the case of an equal number of points from entrants).

The applicants with the document of a foreign state on education provide evidence by Rosobrnadzor for recognition, or submit an application for its recognition (nostrification) in the Academy. The documents in a foreign language are applied with a notarized translation into Russian.

Consulting on receiving the documents of foreign citizens:, (499) 956-94-72.

Documents can be sent through the postal operators with notice and list of contents at the address: 119571, Moscow, Prospect Vernadsky, 84, admittance commission RANEPA (or admittance commission IPACS RANEPA).

Program Director: Valentina Komleva

Doctor of Sociological Sciences. General Director of the Nonprofit Partnership «Institute for Political Management Problems». Member of the Expert Council of the Committee on Regional Policy and the Problems of the North and the Far East of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Honored Worker of Education of the Russian Federation. Dean of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management. Head of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation.

Competences and advantages

  • Languages of study: English
  • Guaranteed places of practice
  • Possibility of internship abroad
  • High competitiveness of graduates

Graduates of the program develop the following competencies:

  • Complex systematized knowledge of foreign countries and regions.
  • Proficiency in several foreign languages.
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of organization and provision of international cooperation.


  • Full – time education
    2 years
  • More details on admission to the program
  • Tuition: 290 000 roubles * / year **

    * the cost is fixed for the whole period of study
    ** semester payment is possible (2 times a year)


  • State – financed openings: no

Basic documents:

  • Syllabus
  • Description of the educational program
  • Training schedule
  • Program annotations

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