Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Effective Public Administration

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Objectives of the program: training personnel for the system of public and municipal administration, who have the necessary competence to implement professional functions.
Mission of the program: training managers who are able to ensure the organization and effective operation of public authorities and local government bodies, taking into account the requirements of legislation and the usage of innovative management technologies.

Degree (qualification) of the graduate: bachelor in the sphere of “Public and municipal administration”

The basis of training: the training is carried out at the expenses of the federal budget; or on a contractual basis.

The admission is based on the secondary general education based on the results of the General state Exam (Mathematics (profile), Russian language, Social studies) that are evaluated on a 100-point scale, and (or) according to the results of admission tests conducted by the Academy independently. On the basis of secondary professional or higher education – according to the results of entrance tests.

Competences and advantages

Bachelor’s program Public and Municipal Administration “Effective Public Administration” is:

  • higher professional education for those who focus on official activities in public authorities and local governments, as well as work in commercial and non-profit organizations that interact with public authorities;
  • the formation of the competence necessary for any manager, regardless of the sphere in which he carries out his professional activity;
  • acquisition of knowledge, formation of skills in such relevant areas of scientific knowledge and practice as management, law, economics and significant general humanitarian training;
  • bachelor’s degree in the State and Municipal Administration is one of the most popular degree not only in the state sphere, but also in the sphere of business, organization and activity of political parties and public associations.

The results of mastering the program are determined by the competences acquired by the graduate, i.e. his ability to apply knowledge, skills and personal qualities in accordance with the tasks of professional activity.

The distinctive feature of the program: Along with learning of managing, economic and general humanitarian knowledge and forming relevant competencies, the substantial juridical training is provided that takes into account sharply increasing volume of functions connected with law –implementing activity and preparation of juridical documents in the system of public and municipal administration.


  • The ability to present the results of your work to other professionals, to defend your positions in the professional environment, to find compromise and alternative solutions.
  • The ability to critically evaluate information, overestimate the accumulated experience and make a constructive decision based on the generalization of information; the ability to critically analyze your capabilities.
  • The ability to determine the priorities of professional activity, effectively implement management decisions.
  • The ability to identify problems, identify goals, evaluate alternatives, choose the best solution, assess the results and consequences of the management decision.
  • The ability to apply available technologies and methods of personnel work, the ability to freely navigate in the legal system of Russia; the ability to participate effectively in group work on the basis of knowledge of the processes of group dynamics and the principles of team building.
  • The ability to correctly apply the law; the ability to prepare informational and methodological materials on the questions of the socio-economic development of society and the activities of government bodies.
  • The ability to represent interests and official information of government bodies of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, state or municipal enterprise, institutions in interaction with other state authorities of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments, state and municipal organizations, enterprises and institutions, political parties, the socio-political and non-profit organizations, civil society institutions, mass media, citizens.
  • The ability to prevent and resolve conflict situations in the interaction of government bodies of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, civil society institutions, mass media and others.

Julia Kamasheva

Julia Kamasheva

Curator of program

Specialist of the 1st category of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration.
Vladimir Botnev

Vladimir Botnev

Program Director

Doctor of Laws. Assistant professor.
Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration. Head of Department of State and Municipal Administration. Professor of Department of State and Municipal Administration.
Igor Bartsits

Igor Bartsits

Scientific supervisor

Doctor of Laws. Professor. Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. Actual State Counselor of the Russian Federation of the 3rd class.
Director of IPACS RANEPA. Editor in Chief of the Journal «Public Administration». Head of Department of State Law Studies.
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