IPACS in the structure of RANEPA

IPACS – the largest and fastest growing Institute of the Academy under the Russian President, providing an optimum combination of administrative, legal, economic and general humanitarian training of students, it is implementing higher professional education program, additional professional education programs, training of the teaching staff, research, international, information and advisory activities.

IPACS trains professional management personnel of a new generation which is equally in demand both in government and in business structures:

  • more than 5,000 students, including more than 1,800 bachelor students and 2,000 master students;
  • students of MBA and MPA programs;
  • more than 400 doctors and candidates of science;
  • 27 bachelor programs and more than 48 master programs.

More than 700 graduate students, doctoral students and applicants conduct their research under the supervision of professors of IPACS.

IPACS – a significant part of the Academy, a significant part of the life of every employee of the Institute.

IPACS – our path to the future!

Structure of RANEPA

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