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May 24, 2016

The admission campaign for the MBA Project management program is open


Module form of education  (МОДУЛЬНАЯ)


START – November 16, 2020




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MBA Programs Center, IPACS, RANEPA invites for individual online consultations on the MBA program “Project management”


Monday-Friday, from 10-00 to 18-00


Phone: +7 925 282 44 79



32nd IPMA World Congress, in Russia, St. Petersburg will now be taking place on September 21-23, 2021 in St. Petersburg

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MBA Programs Center, IPACS, RANEPA

 –  Is a structural unit of Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of the The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Our mission

 – To create an educational platform to form and develop professional and personal skills of highly qualified managers, able to move companies to the new level of competitive edge on basis of project management.

Our goals and values
  • professional approach to the formation and implementation of practice-oriented programs
  • synergy of intellectual and creative activity of the faculty members for the development of programs that are in demand by the market
  • customer-oriented approach, individualization of the educational process and high-quality services
  • corporate culture, forming of a creative atmosphere attractive for students and faculty members
  • improving the status of MBA programs in the Russian market
  • continuous communication with business and government
Strategy of the center for MBA programs for the period 2018-2023

The strategic vision of the MBA Programs Center, IPACS, RANEPA is a stable and dynamically developing structure that provides a full cycle of post-graduated programs in the concept of lifelong learning, specializing in the development and implementation of high-quality programs for the training of highly skilled managers for business and government organizations.

The main strategic goal of the MBA programs Center is to achieve a level of development that allows it to be in the TOP 20 leading business schools in Russia by 2023.



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Our Partners

  • Kedge Business School (France)
  • StrategicInterCom Center for strategic cross-cultural communications GmbH Is a network company founded in 2010 in Germany. It is headquartered in Frankfurt am main, Germany.StrategicInterCom GmbH focuses on the development and support of managers, foreign specialists and high-ranking officials by creating and implementing exclusive events and initiatives.

  • Credit Europe Bank – JSC is a Russian Bank with foreign capital, founded in 1997. it belongs to the FIBA international financial Group, which operates in 12 countries around the world. The Bank offers favorable credit conditions for future specialists in various fields who, after completing their studies, will build a successful career and contribute to the economic development of the state;
  • National project management Association (SOVNET), , which is the only national representative Of the international project management Association (IPMA) in Russia)
  • Project Practice group of companies
  • Project Management Institute (PMI), Moscow branch.


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Alumni Reviews

Igor V. Voronin, Deputy CEO, LLC TIC Argus-NV (class of 2018)

The RANEPA МВА program Project Management , in my opinion, is effective for developing managerial qualities. Especially I want to point the practical orientation of the program and exploring  of different cases from real sector. It was very useful for my as a representative of the industry, liked very much. Training in the program helped me proceed from separate projects’ management to the organization of development programmes and management of knowledge-intensive projects’ portfolios. I am sure this program will be useful for managers who are interested in the development of both themselves and their organizations.

Nadezhda A. Gaponova, Deputy Director of the Federal state institution

During my MBA studies, I discovered a lot of new things, expanded my horizons as a Manager, and began to understand the importance and necessity of project management, strategic planning, and other management tools. The program has significantly expanded my views, opened previously unknown aspects of managing of team and organization.  Project management has become an integral part of my life and not only during work, it helps a lot in organizing the time not only of my own, but also of my team. Setting clear tasks increases the efficiency of its implementation. The knowledge, I gained during my training, allows me to participate in new projects, improve current activities, and engage in the development of the organization.

Yevgeny A. Zinchenko, Director of the Baltic Express project, Kaliningrad region development Corporation JSC (class of 2018)

I would like to express my gratitude to the IPACS team for maintaining high quality standards of education. During two years of intensive training in the MBA “Project Management” program I obtained necessary skills for the development and implementation of big regional projects. An integral part of the program is the exchange of experience between classmates, which helped to get an assessment from the outside. The program helped to bring the work of my team to a new level of efficiency. With the help of new knowledge, I was successful to lead a major regional logistics project. We continue to communicate with teachers and invited experts, get objective criticism and some suggestions for solving difficult situations. In short, the IPACS MBA program opened the door to the expert community and helped raise the level of managerial competence.

КKirill V. Kazarinov, General Director of Quality products (2018 edition)

Having completed a full course of two-year training in the MBA program” project Management ” at RANEPA, I received the skills and experience required by the specifics of the work in managing large business projects. Project management is now firmly embedded in my life and is very helpful in organizing the time not only of my own, but also of the team of subordinates, since clear tasks are set, which increases the efficiency of their implementation. All the teachers and invited experts in the program have passed on all their experience and knowledge in specialized subjects. Each teacher is a true professional in their field and that is why we were given not only theoretical foundations, but also the practice of applying a particular subject. Competent management is necessary in any sphere, which is proved by absolutely different listeners. The community that is formed during the training process is the key to further professional expansion of interests. The training gave me the opportunity to further develop my vision of the business and the economic growth of the company as a whole.

Mamkhegov Adalbi Aslanbekovich, chief IT Manager, Sberbank-Technologies JSC (class of 2018)

During the training, I received answers to a number of practical questions on project management. I have learned and successfully apply management techniques: decomposition/goal setting, risk management, stakeholders, and so on. I got skills in working with tools-MSproject, primavera. I am grateful to the entire teaching and administrative staff for their open dialogue and constructive attitude.

Alexander Viktorovich Meshkov, General Director of M1 PROJECT LLC, M1 construction LLC, Moscow (class of 2018)

I realized that I need high-quality development, communication professionals with real experience, who know well the theoretical part  and current trends in Russia and abroad. That’s why I made a decision to join the Ranepa MBA program. After first year I decided to change my current job (фы a Deputy CEO in GAZPROM subsidiary) and jointed to the international project  on construction of the largest atomic power station in the world. Today I work as a CEO  in two companies (Design Institute and Technical Customer) that implement major projects of nuclear and General clinical medicine throughout the Russian Federation and abroad. I would like to thank all the professors , as well as the staff of the MBA program, who took part in my life and helped me, giving me solid knowledge that allowed me to move to a fundamentally different, higher-quality level!

Maxim Fedorov, chief operating officer, ID logistics Rus LLC, Russian division of the international logistics Company ID Logistics (class of 2018)

During my studies in the MBA program “Project Management ” at Ranepa, I managed not only to generalize and structure my previous practical experience in management, but also to broaden my horizons by communicating with colleagues from other sectors of the economy and business, as well as practical professors, and to learn how to meet the challenges more effectively. The acquired knowledge and tools have significantly improved both personal effectiveness and results for the Company, which was noted by the company’s top management and was reflected in my promotion from the Project Manager position to Chief Operating officer, and allows me to effectively cope with tasks in the context of rapid growth of the Company. I recommend the program for people seeking personal, professional and career growth.

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