Students of master program of IPACS took part in an international businessgame NASPAA

March 1, 2019

On February 8, 2019 students of master program of IPACS RANEPA participated in an international businessgame linked with elaboration of the state migration policy under crisis conditions. This event is organized annually by the International association of education in the sphere of public management (NASPAA) for sudents of MPA programs.

This game was organized on the basis of 11 universities located in 8 countries. More than 600 students of master programs studying according the program «State and municipal government» from various universities of the world took part in it.

This year a group of master program students of IPACS of Presidential academy for the first time represented Russia in one of international locations of this event, concretely in the University Merit in Maastricht (Nederlands).

The IPACS RANEPA team consisted of the second year students of the program «Anticrisis management (direction of studies «State and municipal government»), members of Anticrisis case-club of IPACS RANEPA:

  • Darya Golembiovskaya
  • Aidarkhan Raiymkul
  • Alexander Afanasyev
  • Evgueniy Filippov

The curator of the team – Igor Moscalyov, chief of the master program of the State and municipal government «Anticrisis management».

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