International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russia and the World: Dialogues” (April 2–3, 2020)

March 10, 2020

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service
Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management

International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Russia and the World: Dialogues”
(April 2–3, 2020)

The Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management, IPACS RANEPA announces the call for applications for the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russia and the World: Dialogues” (April 2–3, 2020).

Please, apply for the participation online.

The deadline for submitting applications for full-time participation in the conference – March 24, 2020.
The deadline for the submission of materials of full-time participants for publication (electronic versions should be sent to – April 20, 2020.

The requirements for the design of publication materials are given below.

The conference sections:

1) Problem issues of international security at the present stage. Moderator: Vasily Kuleshov. Working language – Russian;

2) Russia and the world: Intercultural communication through dialogue. Moderators: Irina Belyakova, Ekaterina Mityureva. Working language – English

3) La Russie et l’espace francophone: enjeux internationaux et perspectives Russia and the French-speaking space: current international challenges and prospects. Moderators: Ekaterina Komarova, David Krasovec. Working language – French;

4) Modern tools of regional policy and territorial development: Russian and foreign experience. Moderator: Olga Belyaeva. Working language – Russian;

5) International and interregional cooperation on sustainable development. Moderator: Igor Golubchenko. Working language – Russian;

6) Soviet diplomacy during the Great Patriotic War. Moderators: Vasily Koval, Elena Kuzmenko. Working languages – Russian, English, German;

7) Russia and the world in the field of humanitarian cooperation. La Russia e il mondo nell’ambito di collaborazione umanitaria. Moderators: Ekaterina Timshina, Liliya Vigdorchik. Working language – Italian;

8) Russia in the multi-confessional world space. Moderator: Vladimir Storchak. Working language – Russian;

9) Science and education: international cooperation and international competition. Moderators: Valentina Komleva, Olga Zhulikova. Working language – Russian.

Requirements for the design of publication materials:

The main sections of the article:

  • Introduction (available results in this field of research and the goals of work aimed at achieving new knowledge should be provided).
  • Main part ( depending on the type of work, may include sections : materials and research methods, results and discussion, etc.).
  • Conclusion  (new results and their theoretical or practical significance should be indicated).
  • List of references.

Technical requirements for publication materials:

  • The articles are provided in the electronic form (doc. format). Electronic versions should be sent to
  • The recommended length of the article – 20,000 printable characters. Depending on the problems of the article, the volume may vary.
  • Together with the article you should send: a) keyword lists in Russian and English(no more than 15 items); b) the abstract in English (about 2,000 characters) and Russian (about 200-250 words) c) the information about the author (full name, academic degree and title, position, place of work or study, contact email address).



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