Stay in touch: Russia – France!

June 8, 2021

Every year the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service RANEPA welcomes international students from different countries.

During education period all coordinators staff and professors become guides for foreign students to the Russian world of culture, science and education.

The international IPACS RANEPA team tries to make student life more interesting and rich, as well as to create a single community for the subsequent communication of all foreign students. Even during the pandemic our students actively participated in exchange programs in full-time and online formats.

Staying in touch with all our students we can say with confidence, that in each foreign country of the partner university we will definitely have someone to meet us.

Recently, our student from the Paris Nanterre University, Master’s degree in Russian and post-Soviet studies (mobility program 2019–2020) Alice Jacov, contacted the international IPAC coordinator Karolina Sikirinskaya to get an interview as part of writing a final master’s thesis on the Russian luxury market and more specifically on the luxury purchase habits of women and its evolution since the 1990’s.

In her interview, Alice asked questions related to the history of fashion in Russia, fashion habits, as well as the main fashion trends on the Moscow streets. The interview turned out to be very interesting and rich. Karolina spoke about the transformation of fashion in Russia from the Soviet period to the modern one, about personal preferences in choosing clothes, as well as about new Russian designers.

We wish Alice good luck in her further research and invite all students who are interested in fashion to share their knowledge in this field with Alice.


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