The sixth Italian Gastronomic Week

November 23, 2021

The sixth Italian Gastronomic Week in the World opened on 2 November. The Italian Embassy’s website launched a series of online events dedicated to the event.

This year, the main theme of Gastronomic Week was linked to the preparation of classic Italian dishes with a filling.

The protagonists were students and teachers from Russian institutes, schools and universities, as well as well-known Italian chefs.

During the week, participants will have the opportunity to explore cultural, social and historical aspects related to Italian cuisine.

The IPACS RANEPA participated in this significant event. The students of the InterClub made a whole film in which they revealed the peculiarities of the scientific approach to Italian cuisine. During the live broadcast on the Embassy’s website, the audience could learn the secrets of cooking Italian stuffed dishes, as well as explore the most famous Italian restaurants in Moscow, which are included in the Michelin Guide.

The meeting was moderated by Giuseppe Lo Porto, Head of Education at the Italian Consulate.

Karolina Sikirinskaya, Head of the International Cooperation Department of IPACS RANEPA, made a live welcome speech. She thanked the organizers of the event and said some important words about the cooperation between the Institute and the Centre.

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