The Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service RANEPA hosted an online lecture from Indian expert

May 31, 2022

Profile. Mr. Kiranjeet Singh, CEO of Strategic Management Solutions , former Associate Vice President of ALSTOM JV, Director of Herbs N Spices Agro food Pvt Ltd on the topic “Doing Business in India: promising industries and sectors of cooperation with Russian business”.

The lecture was held online for undergraduate program students «Economics and Management (with high level of a foreign language and economic disciplines)»

Mr. Kiranjeet Singh shared with the students the peculiarities of relations between Russia and India, the advantages of doing business and the investment climate in India, the current economic indicators of India, and also during speech Mr. Kiranjeet Singh noted a number of important achievements of Russian business, the experience of which should certainly be learned by India for the further economic development of the country. He drew attention to the fact that Russia and India are important geopolitical partners that are successfully developing and have common political and economic interests.

Mr. Kiranjeet Singh highlighted the importance of strengthening Russian-Indian relations in the business environment and BRICS as an important interstate association for cooperation and collaboration among BRICS members in terms of innovation, technology, logistics, manufacturing and finance.  According to his speech, in the near future, the BRICS member countries will become the main players on the world stage.

We sincerely thank Professor Mr. Kiranjeet Singh for the unique opportunity to conduct such a lecture for students!

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