Ambassador of the State of Libya to the Russian Federation Emhemed A.E. Almaghrawi visited the Institute of public administration and civil service RANEPA

September 12, 2022

The Ambassador of the State of Libya to the Russian Federation, Emhemed A.E. Almaghrawi, paid an official visit to the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service RANEPA (IPACS RANEPA) as part of the Academy’s strategy to expand cooperation with the friendly countries’ regions. Mr. Ambassador met with the Vice-Rector of the Presidential Academy Dmitry Butashin, as well as with the staff of the Academy’s international departments. During the visit, Mr. Ambassador and Academic delegation were discussing the prospects for establishing partnerships between the universities of Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi and RANEPA.

Most of the agenda was devoted to the issues of international projects joint implementation. Emhemed A.E. Almaghrawi showed great interest in the Academy’s programs for additional professional education, noting that they can be extremely useful for senior management personnel of his country. “We need to introduce Russian and Libyan businesses to each other more and provide opportunities for joint business activity in both countries. This is not an easy and voluminous work, but it is strategically important for Libya and Russia”, the diplomat said.


“The Academy as a consulting center is ready to become a platform for the transfer of Russian technologies and management practices to Libya,” Dmitry Butashin stressed. “We have everything we need for this.”

“Cultural characteristics knowledge about the specialization region and language skills are the key ones that civil servants should have in order to implement the best foreign practices, as well as to be able to build mutual cooperation more effectively. We would be grateful to you for supporting our initiatives and for assistance in finding specialists in the Arab region,” said Karolina Sikirinskaya, Head of the International Cooperation Department IPACS, and invited Mr. Ambassador to the annual International Conference Session of IPACS, which will be held in May 2023, to tell students about the cultural peculiarities of the Arab world.

After the official part, the staff of the International Cooperation Department of IPACS RANEPA conducted a tour for Mr. Ambassador, showing the daily educational process at IPACS RANEPA. Emhemed A.E. Almaghrawi also saw students’ classrooms, ceremonial halls for official events, as well as the main lecture halls. Mr. Ambassador walked along the «Alley of the IPACS faculties» and got acquainted with the history of the Academy at the memorial stand. The main point of the program was the rehearsal of the choir of the Presidential Academy, Mr. Ambassador noted that patriotic education is a very important part of the educational process.

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