IPACS InterClub held a TED Talks event

October 13, 2022

On October the 3rd, the IGSU International Club (IPACS InterClub) held a TED Talks event dedicated to the opening of the Club.

Anastasia Belyakova, chairman of IPACS InterClub, said a welcoming speech. She greeted speakers and spoke about observations and rules of the event.

The first speaker, Sergey Samoilov, shared his experience of studying in Spain during the Russian-Spanish program “Politics and Law” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management and told interesting facts about students abroad. He said “Spanish people are friendly and communicative, they always have their ownviews and I like it”.

Next was Yulia Markova, a 3rd year student of the direction “State and municipal management”. Julia joined the event online, as she is studying in France at the moment under the academic mobility program. Yulia noted “You need to work really hard to achieve your goals. There are many opportunities in the world for self-realization, try to use them”.

After the interactive “Countries and Stereotypes”, it was Ekaterina Elchaninova’s turn, a 2nd year student of the program “Foreign Regional Studies”. Ekaterina shared her experience of studying in Scotland in her childhood: “It was stress… Stress for my mom! The Scottish accent was quite hard, but local architecture was impressive. I love gothic style and for me the whole period of my studies was a pleasure”.

The next speakers were foreign students Morena Torri (LUISS University, Italy) and Noémie Le Libout (Catholic University of the Vendée, France). Despite the short period of study, Morena and Noemi have already fallen in love with Russia. “This is not my first time here. Russia is a beautiful country, with a passionate love,” Morena says with admiration. “I really love the culture of this country. There are so many beautiful churches in small towns!” Noemi encourages her.

Elizaveta Politaeva a 3rd year student of the program “Foreign Regional Studies” spoke about her studies in Spain. She had a choice: stay in Russia or fly abroad. It was important to her to get support of her family. She said “I admire the culture of Spain, there are a huge number of museums on its territory!”

Alena Prishvina, 1st year student of the program “Foreign Regional Studies”. “Living for several years in England, I realized that your national essence does not solve anything. Did you know how many people from different countries are in Yorkshire!They are beautiful in their own way to me.We are all different, everyone has an individuality, this is what your property is about!” Alena said with enthusiasm.

The last speaker of the event, Vlada Popova, a 1st year student of the direction “State and municipal administration” spoke about stereotypes about life in the United Arab Emirates.

The speeches aroused great interest among the audience.

The event certainly inspired the students for educational trips abroad! We are waiting for you at the Department of International Cooperation of IGSU to realize opportunities for foreign trips and internships!


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