The first meeting of the participants of the special project of the International Club of IGSU “English Speaking Club”

October 25, 2022

On October 13, the first language meeting of the «IPACS Speaking club» in English («English Speaking Club») took place.

The first topic of the meeting was devoted to various mentalities and traditions of European countries. The students shared their experience of communicating with people of different mentalities and customs, discussed how this affects their life and personal development in general.

Then the participants of the Speaking Club watched a video in English. The video described the behavior that is familiar to Russians and Europeans, which, however, is considered rude in other countries of the world. After watching the video, the students had a discussion, during which they came to the conclusion that for successful communication it is necessary to know aspects of behavior and culture of different foreign countries.

Anna Kazaryan, a 1st year student in “Business Journalism” of the Faculty of Journalism, shares her impression:

“The meeting was incredibly productive for me. I’m usually shy about speaking English because many people in my surroundings don’t speak it. But thanks to IPACS Interclub, I was able to find people who understand me, want to communicate with me in English and, just like me, want to improve it. Now I’m looking forward to the next meetings!”.

Alexander Aliyev, a 1st year student in “Effective Public Administration” of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration, noted the professionalism of the meeting’s host:

“The first lesson was wonderful. We discussed quite interesting topics that relate to the history of the club members. I also want to mention the host, who showed himself well, tried to engage all students in conversation. It was nice, don’t hesitate to come!”.

Artem Tkach, a 2nd year student at the Higher School of Finance and Management in “Management”, noted:

“The first meeting was wonderful! We discussed the mentality of different countries. It’s cool that you don’t feel uncomfortable at the meeting because of your English level. Higher-level students support you and suggest words or phrases that you forget. I thank the organizers for the opportunity to improve my conversational English skills!”.

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