October 25, the first lecture for the participants of the «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie» took place

November 7, 2022

On October 25, participants of the project «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie» («School for FAN») took part in the first event: lecture on «Modern international relations: theory and practice». The speaker of the lecture was Yana Mukhina, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the department of foreign regional studies and international cooperation.

The lecture was held in the format of «question and answer», which allowed students to discuss relevant phenomena and events more informally. At the event, participants discussed whether an alternative to the UN model was possible and how effective it would be.

Then Yana Mukhina discussed with the participants of «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie» the tendencies of the globalization process. The main conclusion from the topic – the world is one in its diversity, no matter how much we are integrated into each other’s cultures, politics, economy, no one wants to lose their identity. In conclusion, Yana Mukhina noted that international relations are now going through a new era, the old systems are collapsing, but new ones will surely come to replace them.

The special project will last until April. The format includes several events per month under various thematic blocks in the field of international action. The first, held in October, focuses on the main trends in contemporary international relations. In November, students will have a second block dedicated to international diplomacy. As part of the November block, students will attend lectures of foreign speakers, as well as take part in a business practical game.

Its participants shared their impressions about the first event «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie».

Alina Voronchikhina, a 1st year student of “Foreign Regional Studies” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

«The first lesson at the School for FAN was wonderful! The lecture, conducted in the format of dialogue, clarified the world processes that are taking place to date, and gave food for thought and self-work on the material. Yana Mukhina is a wonderful teacher who has filled us with interest in international relations, talking about various scientific theories, supporting them with examples and reasoning! I would like to thank the IPACS InterClub for the organization of the School for FAN and for the high level of preparation of the curriculum! We were also given the project’s branded products: a polo with the IPACS Interclub logo and a folder-portfolio for lectures. It is a pleasure to immerse yourself in difficult subjects, listening to the lecturers burning their work, and capturing important moments in the form of a summary in your folder!».

Yulia Safarova, a 1st year student of «International relations» of one of the RANEPA institute – IURR:

«I really liked the lecture. Since I study at another institute, I didn’t know Yana Mukhina before. But how glad I am that now I have this opportunity. Communication with educated people always brings me great pleasure! During the lecture we discussed the report of the International Discussion Club «Valdai» «Not to go wild in the «crumbling world». It was very interesting to hear the opinion of Yana Borisovna, because diplomacy and international relations are those disciplines, which everyone is presented in their own way».

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