International club IGSU business game for students «Managerial duels»

November 9, 2022

October 25th, IPACS InterClub organized for students business game for young managers «Managerial duels».

As part of the event, IPACS InterClub students presented themselves as managers, reviewing real cases of large companies, and discussed various projects and innovative ideas that can be implemented in the companies of the Russian regions.

The goal of IPACS InterClub’s «Managerial duels» is to learn how to debate, clearly and structurally express their thoughts on current topics, appeal with facts, defend their point of view in the team logic.

The participants shared their impressions of the event.

Zibar Zaidova, a 1st year student of «Foreign Regional Studies» of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

«My first experience in «Managerial duels» played a colossal role for me. Being able to advance the interests – a key obligation in my future profession, and «Managerial duels» are a great option to develop this skill! If possible I will try to attend this event often as the whole process – from beginning to end – is interesting for me».

Daniil Konotop, a 2nd year student of «State and municipal administration» of the Faculty of Public Administration of Economics:

«I was the host of «Managerial duels». The hardest thing I’ve noted for myself in this role is the need to interrupt players at the tensest moment of the dialogue – when the round ends. But these are the rules we need to follow. I believe that the quality of human life depends on the ability to negotiate. You can learn this skill only through «Managerial duels».

Milena Dugieva, a 1st year student of «State and municipal administration» of the Faculty of Public Administration of Economics:

«I had the perfect opportunity to participate in «Managerial duels» and, frankly speaking, it was an amazing experience! After all the TV shows and movies, I’ve revised, I’ve always dreamed of doing something like this, and it exceeded all my expectations! We had a good time, and of course it was nice to win. «Managerial duels» is not just a competition, it is an accumulation of interesting and extraordinary thoughts, new acquaintances and a unique experience. I will definitely participate next time and strongly recommend everyone».

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