Culture, Cinema and Sports Day at IPACS InterClub: Indian Dance Masterclass at IGSU

November 12, 2022

On October 26, the IPACS International Club organized a masterclass in Indian dance as part of the “Day of Culture, Cinema and Sports at IPACS InterClub”.

The masterclass for IPACS InterClub members was conducted by invited choreographers Yulia Kardashova, head of the «Jam» Dance Studio, and Nandini Deval from India.

The event started with the Nandini Deval’s dance, after which the choreographers began to teach the participants of the masterclass. The first part of the lesson was devoted to the Indian folk dance Dandiya Raas. Dandiya Raas is a socio-religious folk dance of Gujarat state and is often performed at the Navaratri Festival. The main attribute of the dance is the special wooden sticks “dandiya”, which symbolize the sword of the Goddess Durga. This dance is distinguished by its energy and fast pace. The dandies used in the dance not only help to keep the rhythm but are also an obligatory accessory for a more expressive transfer of the dance’s beauty. All participants of the master class were able to learn the movements and dance together with the choreographers.

After the folk dance, the choreographers showed movements from classical Indian dance. Every movement in classical dance has its own meaning, with the help of gestures and facial expressions, a dancer can tell a story. Thus, all movements in classical dance are clear and neat. With the help of classical dance, the foundation is laid: the setting of the hands, a straight back, clear but fluid movements, basic gestures. By the end of the masterclass, students had mastered the basic hand positions and gestures of classical Indian dance and were able to perform together with choreographers.

After the lesson, the students tried on traditional costumes, and tried to dance in them.


Choreographer Yulia Kardashova: “I liked to conduct the master class, as I generally like to conduct classes. But the main thing is the feedback and the interest of students.” Yulia also added that she would be glad to continue cooperation with IPACS RANEPA and arrange similar masterclasses in the future.

“It was cool, very interesting. We are glad that the IPACS International Club was able to organize such an event. Thank you very much!” – Alina Permyakova, a 2nd-year student in “Economics” of the Faculty of Public Administration of Economics, shared her impressions.

“I have been dancing for 10 years, namely Russian folk and classical dance. That is why it was interesting for me to attend a masterclass on Indian folk and classical. Indian culture is very different from Russian, and this is especially evident in dance. Absolutely different movements, different meaning, charm – everything is extremely interesting and exciting, especially for a professional dancer who wants to make progress and create something qualitatively new, combine cultures and surprise the viewer. Therefore, I would like to thank IPACS InterClub for an excellent opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to acquire new knowledge”, – mentioned Victoria Nesterova, a 2nd-year student in “Foreign Regional Studies” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management.

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