A series of masterclasses at the IPACS International Club

November 25, 2022

From November 7 to 10, the IPACS International Club held a series of masterclasses for its participants to teach the students basic skills and competences in various fields. The first masterclass was dedicated to media coverage of international events.

Aruna Dzhumasova, a 4th-year student in “Political Journalism” of the Faculty of Journalism, was the speaker. She shared her knowledge and experience with the members of the club, who have just joined its ranks.

IPACS InterClub members learned how to write articles correctly and how to make the target audience interested.

Aruna Dzhumasova also spoke about the specifics of shooting reports and stories:

“The work of a journalist and a media person in general is very important in modern realities. There is a huge number of meetings and events that one needs to cover. In the process of the event’s media support, you need to understand that the way you shoot it affects its perception by the audience and the invited guests’ attitude. More and more people are now subscribing to each other and to the official social networks of organizations, watching and sharing your work,” Aruna said.

At the end of the masterclass, the participants discussed why it is important to develop their social networks and personal brand.

The participants of the masterclass shared their impressions about the event.

Karina Litovskikh, 3rd year student in “Regional studies of Russia” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“The masterclass was very useful. While working in an International Club, you need to do many tasks: shooting reports, writing articles, editing videos. The knowledge gained at the masterclass will help to perform them more successfully”.

Nika Alekseeva, 1st year student in “State and municipal administration” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:    

“I really liked Aruna’s masterclass, it is always interesting to hear a piece of advice from a person whose professional activity is directly related to the media sphere. I noted several important points for myself, which, in the future, I will use in my work for the IPACS International Club. Various topics were touched upon: writing texts of different types, shooting videos, editing. Reasoning about the image of a media person really hooked me, and I had a desire to make my own “brand”. I would very much like to attend similar masterclasses, but perhaps with narrower directions”.

Anastasia Yandutkina, 4th year student in “Regional Studies of Russia” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“I really liked the masterclass. It was not boring, the information was structured and filled with vivid and relatable examples. I admire talented peers who can share their experience and knowledge!”.

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