The IPACS International Club held a thematic holiday with intellectual games

November 25, 2022

On October 31st, the IPACS International Club held a thematic holiday with intellectual games.

Students were offered to divide into teams and took part in an interactive quest. The most active students got sweets in special-branded wrappers from IPACS InterClub.

During the event students held a competition of thematic photography with pumpkins, and also took part in the intellectual game “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”. Students were able to test their knowledge about one of the most popular youth holidays – Halloween – and learnt about the features of similar holidays in Russia.

After counting the points and presenting branded prizes of the IGSU InterClub to winners, the participants played the game “Guess the melody” and “Guess the Movie”.  The program was intense and the students were impressed. The IPACS InterClub team hopes that students will definitely remember this holiday.

Victoria Nesterova, 2nd year student of the direction “Foreign Regional Studies” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management noted:

“It was very educational! It seems to me that many people know about the holiday, but very few think about its meaning and origin, although this is very interesting.  The game was exciting and fun, you could feel the spirit of the competition”.

Ekaterina Plotnikova, 2nd year student of the program “Financial Control and State Audit” of the Faculty of Public Administration of the Economy noted:

“I am very glad that I took part in organizing and celebrating Halloween together with the IGSU International Club. Helping with the organization of the event, we tried to convey the diversity of the atmosphere of the holiday.  Since its history is ambiguous and covered in legends, we wanted guys to immerse themselves in it.  During preparation, we have spent a long time choosing posters for the photo zone, looking for something fun, beautiful, dedicated to cult films and myths, carved pumpkins and also have made a mini-quest.

I discovered a lot of new things for myself about this holiday.  Halloween was held in a very pleasant atmosphere thanks to the amazing company of participants”.

Egor Zolotov, 3rd year student of the direction “Regional Studies of Russia” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“The event went great. The friendly atmosphere and pleasant pastime is what I liked the most.  The company of sociable and kind people is always pleasant.  The games were very interesting and educational. I had a fun evening and also learned a lot about this holiday. Thank a lot to the club for organizing such a wonderful event!”.

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