The final master class on the topic “Rules of business correspondence”

November 26, 2022

On November 10th, as part of a series of training master classes for IPACS InterClub participants, the final master class on the topic “Rules of business correspondence” was held. The speaker was Anastasia Belyakova, Chairman of the IPACS International Club.

The event was held online. Anastasia told the students about the basic rules of business correspondence and also showed examples of common mistakes that could be made during writing letters. Together with the speaker the participants of the master class analysed the types of service letters and their specifics.

Students learned how to write invitation letters, gratitude letters and apology letters correctly. Anastasia showed real examples of letters to invited guests and speakers that were written by the staff of the IPACS International Cooperation Department. First, they paid attention to the specifics of the design of the submitted letters, then the structure and process of sending.

At the end of the master class, the participants were presented with a concise list of rules for generating letters.


“When writing a letter to external speakers, remember that your letter is the face of the organization or institution you represent. Be concise and clear. Take time to check the letter for mistakes,” shared Anastasia Belyakova.

The acquired knowledge and skills will be useful for them not only within the framework of work in the InterClub of IPACS, but also within the framework of professional and educational activities.

Students participating in the event shared their impressions of the master class.

Alina Voronchikhina, a 1st year student in “Foreign Regional Studies” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“Today the master class has been held by the chairman of our club – Anastasia Belyakova, thanks to her we got acquainted with the format of business correspondence! It was extremely valuable to hear firsthand information about working with electronic and paper letters. We studied not only the general rules of business correspondence, but also the methods of communication in various cases: with colleagues, with subordinates, with manager. In addition, at the master class we discussed the peculiarities of writing a letter to representatives of other cultures, for example, to the chairman of a foreign committee. It was very interesting! I am very grateful to the IPACS InterClub for the opportunity to develop such valuable skills that will definitely come in handy in my future career!”.

Egor Zolotov, a 3rd year student in “Regional Studies of Russia” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“The workshop was very helpful. In a fairly short time, the main aspects and rules for conducting business correspondence with different persons were covered – with colleagues in the department, with employees of different structural divisions and with external people. We were able not only to listen to the theoretical foundations of correct correspondence, but also to get acquainted with practical examples of business letters from the International Cooperation Department of the IPACS RANEPA”.

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