Students of the organization branch of the IPACS InterClub took part in the masterclass on the topic «Fundamentals of Business Etiquette»

November 26, 2022

On November 9, IPACS InterClub activists took part in a masterclass dedicated to the basics of business etiquette.

The presenters were Karolina Sikirinskaya, Head of the International Cooperation Department of IPACS, and Anna Artamonova, a 3rd year student in «State and Municipal Administration» of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management.

In the first part of the masterclass Anna Artamonova explained the differences between nonverbal and verbal communication, told about the rules that volunteers should follow to in the process of working at business events. She highlighted the most important of them: «This is art: to maintain neutrality and stay positive and friendly in any situation». In conclusion, Anna spoke about the methods of active listening, and explained their application in practical cases.

In the next part of the masterclass, performed Karolina Sikirinskaya. She spoke about the rules of communication with invited guests and about the organizational aspects of working with foreign speakers. In particular, how to meet guests, communicate with them, accompany them during the whole event. «It is especially important to pay attention to the correct address and pronunciation of the speaker’s surname, as well as to observe the correct distance, which is different in each culture. It is better to check with the guest in advance about such features, as well as to make a brief objective that will allow you to have basic professional information about the speaker to maintain a conversation» – shared with the students Karolina Sikirinskaya. In conclusion, she gave advice on how to behave in force majeure situations.

The skills and knowledge gained in this masterclass will be very useful to students in the future, regardless of their profession. The participants of the master class shared their impressions with us.

Alina Voronchikhina, 1st year student in «Foreign Regional Studies» of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

«The masterclass on business etiquette was very informative, thanks to Karolina Sikirinskaya and our mentor Anna! We absorbed knowledge like sponges, so now we are looking forward to the upcoming practical part of the masterclass. On it, we will consolidate the learned rules of behavior at serious events and consider a plan of actions in various difficult situations. I am sure that the acquired skills will certainly be useful to us in the future!».

Daniil Konotop, 2nd year student in «State and Municipal Management» of the Faculty of State Management of Economics:

«Such lectures from own leaders are extremely important, because you get not only basic knowledge, but also get acquainted with the specifics of holding events within the framework of the IPACS International Club. So, Anna Artamonova told about some force majeure that may occur during the events, and Karolina Sikirinskaya noted the peculiarities of interaction with speakers from different countries».

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