Young International School “School for FAN”: lecture by Italian professor Anton Giulio de Robertis

December 2, 2022

On November 24th lecture on the topic “The Crisis of the International Order between Liberalism and Neoliberalism” was held for the participants of the School for Young International Affairs Newbie (School for FAN) by an Italian professor.

The second lecture was held within the framework of the second block – “Diplomacy”.

Karolina Sikirinskaya, head of the IPACS International Cooperation Department, addressed the project participants with an opening speech. She greeted the students and introduced them to the speaker, who is a great friend of the Russian-Italian Center of IPACS and has already given lectures to students as part of the annual IPACS festival “Cultural Bridges”.

Professor Anton Giulio de Robertis, Professor Anton Giulio de Robertis, lecturer of the Law Department, University of Bari, President of the Mediterranean Center of Geopolitical and Strategic Studies, Rome – Bari, President of the «Balkan-Euxine-Danubian Observatory» at University of Bari, Vice President of the Italian Atlantic Committee – Rome, author of numerous publications such as “Riflessioni del Terzo Dopoguerra. Rise and Whitering of the “Third Chance”, ed. Nuova Cultura, Roma 2012; “La Russia e i BRICS”, ed. Apes, Roma 2013; “La Russia, i BRICS e l’Ordine Internazionale” ed. Nuova Cultura, Roma, 2015.

As part of the topic, lecturer spoke about main differences between liberalism and neoliberalism, gave examples of recent events that are interpreted differently by these political currents. In addition, speaker told students about the most important historical eras that influenced these economic and political processes. The lecturer presented various points of view, described in detail how the formation of liberalism and neoliberalism took place in Italy and in the world.  Also, at the end of the lecture project participants were able to ask Professor their questions.

Students shared their impressions and talked about the most memorable moments of the event.

Nikolai Kobaev, 1st year student in “Politics and Law” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“The lecture was quite interesting. Basic concepts about liberalism and its ramifications are an important component in the study of the political apparatus. Thanks to the professor who gave his lecture in English, we were able to improve our English in the field of politics”.

Anna Titova, 1st year student in “Management of International Projects and Programs” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“The lecture was interesting and useful. Thanks to the lecture of Professor De Robertis, I looked at liberalism and various political aspects from a new perspective. I also really like that the lectures are in English, which gives us all the opportunity to improve our level of English”.

Veronika Alekseeva, 1st year student in “Politics and Law” of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management:

“De Robertis is a very audience-friendly speaker, he did not speak incomprehensible words, but on the contrary, he tried to simplify the understanding of the topic as much as possible. Also, an additional article on the same topic gave complete immersion and awareness of the issue”.

Anna Churinova, 2nd year student of the Institute of Industry Management of the RANEPA:

“Professor de’Robertis’ lecture on the crisis of the legal international order has become more relevant for me than ever. First, I have clarified the chronology of the creation of the most important institutions and agreements, such as the IMF and the Atlantic Charter. Secondly, the professor, using understandable examples, showed how liberalism became “illiberal”. I was surprised by the Democratic policy of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, “Democratic expansion”. It was to support democracies and punish those who pursued other policies, which is obviously contrary to the foundations of liberalism. Also, from the lecture of Professor de’Robertis I learned about the role of the USSR in the world, the beginning of Perestroika, and then Russia. It was a valuable experience”.

Such events are very important for students, who are studying in IPACS RANEPA, because they can get important knowledge from international speakers, get acquainted with the cultures of other countries, and practice learning foreign languages. We are sure that our students learned a lot for themselves and are looking forward to new events.

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