The results of the educational trip with the International Student Club members “IPACS InterClub” to St. Petersburg

December 8, 2022

On December 5 was finished the educational trip of the International Student Club “IPACS InterClub” to the cultural capital – St. Petersburg. During the trip, students were able to visit the European part and the second largest city in Russia – St. Petersburg.

The trip was aimed at deepening knowledge about the culture and historical background of one of the most visited regions in Russia. The trip participants had an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the main sights of the city, to communicate with foreign students who came to study at RANEPA from Europe.

During the trip, students helped foreigners to get acquainted with the historical facts of the cultural capital, translated excursion programs and shared their mutual impressions of the events. During this trip, the students managed not only to gain knowledge and communicate with each other, but also to admire the beautiful architecture and winter landscapes of St. Petersburg.

For students, the trip has become an unforgettable experience that they will be able to use not only in the framework of educational, but also in professional activities.

The students shared their emotions from the trip.

Alyona Prishvina, 1st year student of the program “Management of International Projects and Programs” of the Faculty of Foreign Regional Studies:

“I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. We constantly travel together to various attractions, discuss interesting topics. All the guys are very open and friendly. It seems to me that this trip really brought us together, helped us get to know each other better. In addition, we have learned a lot about the rich history of St. Petersburg, which is very useful”.

Daniil Konotop, a 2nd year student of the “Economics and Management” program at the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration:

“I liked our team group during this trip. We became very good friends with all group members. The city is very beautiful and attractive. We went to different museums, walked along the streets of St. Petersburg. The atmosphere was wonderful. I especially remember the library of Nicholay II in the Hermitage, I would like to have one!”.

Noemi LeLibu, a 2nd–year international student of the Master’s double degree program “Russia – Europe: Political and Geopolitical Studies” of the Faculty of Foreign Regional Studies:

“We have visited many churches and temples, museums and exhibitions. Thanks to this, it turned out to learn a lot about history. I am very glad that I saw all these magnificent places. But the Hermitage has always been an impossible dream for me, and when I saw it firsthand, I was very pleased. The trip turned out to be just wonderful”.

Karina Litovskikh, 3rd year student of the program “Regional Policy and Regional Management” of the Faculty of Russian Area Studies:

“I have been waiting for this trip for a very long time, I hoped that we would talk, unite and become a real team. The cultural program is very diverse, we saw temples that many guys and I didn’t know about, visited an excursion in the Hermitage, where real works of art are presented. But most of all I like that everything is very organized, we follow the plan, get new knowledge and have time to have a great time together”.

The trip made a tremendous impression on the students, which will be remembered for a long time. The students managed not only to get along with a cultural and educational program, but also an entertainment one. In their free time, students were able to walk around St. Petersburg in the evening and visit interesting tourist places, despite the frosty weather, which gave the trip a Christmas mood.

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