A tasting dinner of Russian national cuisine for international students was held at the IPACS RANEPA

December 18, 2022

On the eve of the upcoming New Year holidays, the IPACS RANEPA International Cooperation Deparment prepared a tasting dinner of Russian national cuisine for international students Noemie Le Liboux and Erwann Leyral.

Within the framework of the new heading “Foreigners try” Noemie Le Liboux and Erwann Leyral, French 2d year students of the master’s double degree program “Russia –Europe: political and geopolitical research” of the Faculty for International and Regional Studies IPACS, tasted the famous Russian cuisine dishes such as: borsch, herring in “shuba-coat”, Russian salad olivier, pozharsky (breaded) cutlet with buckwheat. After the tasting, students shared their impressions.

Noemie Le Liboux:

“I liked the cutlet and buckwheat the most. It seems to me that this is a good and satisfying dish. In addition, to some extent it is probably even useful. But the herring under the fur coat made a special impression on me. This salad combines many flavors at once, and they harmonize so well. In general, Russian cuisine is quite different from French, but it cannot be said that it is less delicious”.

Erwann Leyral:

“I really love meat, and I like that it is almost everywhere in Russian cuisine! Olivier salad reminded me of my favorite French salad “Piedmontese”, which I have loved since childhood. Russian cuisine is very diverse and interesting. I think I would like to learn how to cook a dish myself”.

During the videography, Noemie Le Liboux and Erwann Leyral managed to talk about French cuisine, important holidays and those traditional dishes that are prepared for celebrations. We are sure that our guests were satisfied and most importantly left full-bellied.

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