Congratulations on the New Year 2023 from the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the RANEPA for foreign partners

December 28, 2022

IPACS RANEPA congratulates foreign partners and students on a series of winter holidays: Christmas and the New Year!

Preparations for the holidays are in full swing, someone is buying gifts, someone is planning how to celebrate. For all of us, the advent of Christmas and the New Year is an occasion to congratulate each other, sum up the outgoing year and plan for the next year. In the pre-holiday period, the IPACS RANEPA send congratulations to all those who were there in 2022 and participated in the development of international cooperation.

Dear international partners and students in the coming year, we want to wish you and your families warmth, fulfillment of desires, good health, success in business and undertakings, positive emotions and festive magic!

May the New Year be bright, colorful and happy!

See you in the New Year 2023! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The following people took part in the video:

  • Ruslan Korchagin, acting director of IPACS RANEPA
  • Karolina Sikirinskaya, head of International Cooperation Department, IPACS RANEPA
  • Oleg Zaitsev, dean of Department «Higher School of Jurisprudence», IPACS RANEPA
  • Elena Kireeva, dean for the Faculty of Personnel Administration and Civil Service, IPACS RANEPA
  • Vladimir Silkin, dean for the Faculty of Journalism, IPACS RANEPA
  • Galina Timofeeva, acting dean for the Faculty of State Management of the Economy, IPACS RANEPA
  • Yuri Boykov, deputy dean for the Faculty of International and Regional Research, IPACS RANEPA
  • Maxim Prokoshin, program director for the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration, IPACS RANEPA


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