Summing up ceremony for the past semester for students participating in the IPACS InterClub

January 10, 2023

On December 24th, the IPACS InterClub held a solemn ceremony of summing up results of the work for the past semester. Ceremony was attended by activists of the club, participants of special projects «Speaking Club» and «School for FAN».

The ceremony was opened by Karolina Sikirinskaya, head of the International Cooperation Department of the IPACS RANEPA. She greeted the gathered students, thanked everyone for their work within the framework of the IPACS InterClub and assistance in organizing and holding events. «I hope our further work with you will be just as fruitful in the new year», she said.

The hosts of the event were Anastasia Belyakova, chairman of the IPACS InterClub and Karina Litovskikh, mentor of the information block of the IPACS InterClub. The most active students were awarded for their significant contribution to the development of IPACS InterClub. Each activist received a certificate and branded merch of the club.

After the awards, students took part in different games. They proposed promising directions for the development of the club’s activities, tried themselves in the role of Presidents of different countries speaking the New Year’s speech, participated in the New Year’s game «Where is the logic?». The participants showed their intuition skills by guessing New Year’s words in the game «Crocodile».

Activists of the IPACS InterClub shared their impressions with us.

Daniil Konotop, 2nd year student for the Faculty of Public Administration of the Economy in program Economics and Management: «This event will definitely get into my personal top of cool events of 2022! We played games, talked, exchanged impressions about past events of the club, sang songs in foreign languages. It was very nice to receive certificates and memorable prizes. I am very grateful for the great mood! I am sure that this ceremony helped to strengthen our relations with guys. I am looking forward to the new semester so that I can quickly break into the international activities of our club».

Veronika Alekseeva, 1st year student for the Faculty of International and Regional Studies in program Politics and Law: «I really liked the event dedicated to the awarding of activists of the IPACS InterClub. We participated in various activities. Most of all I remember the game where it was necessary to make a speech of the president. Thanks to the Spanish Speaking Club, I was able to prepare a New Year’s greeting from the Spanish King. We had a lot of fun!».

Artem Tkach, 2nd year student at the Higher School of Finance and Management department in program Investment Design and Business Valuation program: «Everything was just perfect! The organization was at a high level. I was glad to receive New Year gifts and mood from IPACS InterClub. There were really interesting interactives at the event, in which I managed to participate together with my Speaking Club team. Thank you very much for such a wonderful event!».

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