On January 19th, students of IPACS attended the Italian university LUISS workshop

January 25, 2023

On January 19th, students of IPACS took part in the workshop organized by the Russian-Italian center IPACS RANEPA in cooperation with LUISS – International University of Social Research Guido Carly. The seminar was attended by students of the Faculty of Public Administration of Economy and the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management.

At the event, which was held in a remote format, several speakers gave lectures to students. The first theme was devoted to politics, demography and China’s international agenda. During the seminar was discussed the emergence of China as a world power, its cooperation with developing countries and the formation of BRICS. The issues of China’s interaction with African countries were touched upon: the use of political practices, cultural exchange, economic support. After the professor`s speech, students were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Next speaker presented a theme that focused on sustainable development and innovation management. The professor stressed that innovation must be democratic, ethical and sustainable. In addition, it is necessary to take into account policy and legal aspects, to conduct many experiments to identify the most effective innovation projects.

The most controversial issue was the theme of automation, which, according to the students, leads to the reduction of jobs. However, the professor explained that automation was accompanied by digitalization, which could replace jobs.

In conclusion, the professors emphasized the role of such social technology as education, which is at the origin of both innovation and sustainable development of countries.

The Russian-Italian center IPACS RANEPA thanks the Italian partners of LUISS for the organization, as well as express gratitude to prof. Silvia Menegazzi and prof. Christian Iaione.

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