Sightseeing tour of Moscow for foreign students from France

February 20, 2023

Students from project of the International Cooperation Department “Buddy School” of IPACS RANEPA conducted an excursion for foreign students from the Institut catholique de Vendée (ICES), La Roche-sur-Yon, France, to the main attractions of our capital.

The students of IPACS RANEPA, who were trained in the special project of the International Cooperation Department, IPACS “Buddy School” conducted a sightseeing tour of the center of Moscow to foreign students from France: Grimaud Valentine Mathilde Marie, 2nd year student for the faculty of state and municipal administration in program Politics and Law (Russian-French program with in-depth study of foreign languages), and Noutary Martin, 2nd year student for the faculty of state and municipal administration in program Russia-Eurasia: political and economic processes.

Buddy –foreign students` mentors, met Valentine and Martin and went to Red Square together. On the way, French students visited the Moscow subway, driving along the red line from the station “Yugo-Zapadnaya” to the station “Okhotny Ryad”. On Red Square they were shown St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, GUM. Together they visited an open-air fair near GUM, and also went ice skating. Then they went to the Zaryadye Park, where they walked through picturesque places, attended a screening of the film “Gagarin. Lieutenant of the sky”.

International students shared their impressions of this walk.

Noutary Martin said: “There were a lot of pleasant and useful things in this excursion. It was interesting to see the main sights of Moscow, to learn about the history of this city and Russia. In addition, we quickly found a common language with our Buddies, had fun, smiled a lot”.

Grimaud Valentin Matilda Marie noted: “Most of all I remember the movie that we saw in Zaryadye Park. In addition, I really liked the skating rink on Red Square and the Square itself. In all these things, the great, rich and interesting history of Russia is very clearly traced”.

For more information about how the tour went, see our video.

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