Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly Konstantin Kosachev spoke at the “School for Foreign Affairs” IPACS RANEPA

February 17, 2023

The Presidential Academy hosted a lecture by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly Konstantin Kosachev. The event was organized by the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) RANEPA as part of the School for Foreign Affairs.

The guest of honor was introduced to the audience by acting rector of the Presidential Academy Aleksey Komissarov, who emphasized the particular importance of such a format that allows young international specialists to communicate directly with leading experts and politicians.

Senator in his speech highlighted the historical causes of international conflicts, dwelled in detail on the key events related to the history of our country, including that he personally participated in and witnessed it. Konstantin Kosachev noted that, despite all the events and challenges emerging in the world today, international politics remains more important than ever, and experts in this field are in demand.

The speaker also shared with the audience his thoughts on the imperfection of the current system of international law, which consists in the simultaneous existence of four models of international relations. The first – “Model 1945” is associated with the creation of the UN and the rejection of the use of military force. The second model is “1975”, according to which the world is divided not into countries, but into blocs that have agreed not to conflict with each other. The third model – “1995” – arose when many countries, including Russia were disappointed with the world order that the West began to build after the end of the Cold War. The latest is the “Model 2015”, which emerged after Russia carried out a successful military operation in Syria, showing that the world is no longer unipolar. According to Konstantin Kosachev, these four models are still operating simultaneously, and world players constantly appeal to them depending on the circumstances, which is reflected in the state of modern international law.

During a conversation with students of the Presidential Academy, Konstantin Kosachev spoke about his vision of the current situation in the field of international politics, discussed the current global conflicts in different parts of the world and answered questions from the audience that touched on the topics of local conflicts, nuclear weapons, political relations with border countries.


“It was very interesting to hear the opinion of Konstantin Iosifovich regarding the situations that took place in the global arena, given his rich experience in the international sphere,” shared a 4th year student in program “Public administration and legal regulation (with in-depth study of foreign languages and legal disciplines)”, IPACS, RANEPA, Alexander Shulzhenko. “This is important for us, because the analysis of historical events allows us to correctly assess what is happening in the world now.”


“It was a very informative lecture,” confirmed Sofia Ivanova, a freshman of the International Humanitarian Cooperation program IPACS, RANEPA. – Konstantin Iosifovich simply and clearly explained important things. Bright, very memorable examples from his professional practice were also curious – for example, a U-turn over the Atlantic and the speech of President Vladimir Putin at the Munich Conference in 2007.

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