Interview with Noutary Martin, a student from France studying at the IPACS RANEPA under the academic mobility program

March 8, 2023

Martin came from a town in the west of France called La Roche-sur-Yon. There he studies at the Institut Catholique de Vendée in the 2nd year of the program “Political Sciences”. He is studying at IPACS as part of academic mobility in program “Russia-Eurasia: political and economic processes”.

Noutary Martin was born in the southern part of France near the border of Spain. Thanks to this neighborhood, he fluently speaks in Spanish and English in addition to his native French. He is also very interested in history and geopolitics and in what processes are taking place on the world stage and how countries interact with each other.

During the conversation, Martin spoke about his hobbies and free-time spending. He noted that he likes the most ordinary things such as sports, music, spending time with friends and traveling. French student spoke about his impressions of Russia. He noted that our country has a huge culture, a colossal history and very interesting people who at first glance seem cold, but then show cordiality and hospitality.


Noutary Martin emphasized: “I am very glad that I had an oppportuniy to come to Russia. This is an interesting country that has attracted me for a very long time. A lot of things are new to me, starting from the terrible cold and huge amount of snow, ending with the fact that the cuisine here is very diverse and unusual. I am sure that the experience of studying in Moscow will become important not only in the educational process, but also on the path of life.”

For more information about how the conversation with the French student went, watch our video.

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