“IPACS InterClub”: a meeting of the “Speaking Club’s” participants in the direction “French language”

March 10, 2023

On February 17th, the first meeting of the “Speaking Club’s” participants in the direction “French language” in the new academic year took place. The main topic was “Mental Health”.

“Speaking Club” is a project that has already united students of the IPACS RANEPA who want to learn foreign languages and constantly practice speaking. The meeting of the Speaking Club in the direction “French Language” was successful: students talked about mental health, the attitude towards it in France, and also compared it with Russian realities. As part of the discussion such themes like teenage bullying, psychological illnesses and teenage experiences about social problems were touched upon.

The leaders of the speaking club in the direction “French language” are foreign students from France. Thanks to this, Speaking Club members have a great opportunity to communicate with native speakers.


Grimaud Valentin Mathilde Marie, a 2nd year student in program “Politics and Law” (a Russian-French program with in-depth study of foreign languages) noted: “It is a good idea [speaking clubs] for students who want to exchange opinions in another language. I like the fact that students do it for other students. But sometimes it can be difficult for those who have a low level of language proficiency.”


Noutary Martin, a 2nd year student in program “Russia-Eurasia: Political and Economic Processes” shared his opinion: “For me [speaking club] is a great opportunity to exchange thoughts and communicate with other people, as well as meet those with whom many different topics can be discussed.”

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