Interview with Grimaud Valentin Mathilde Marie, a student from France studying at the IPACS RANEPA under the academic mobility program

March 10, 2023

Valentin came from La Roche-sur-Yon, France. There she is studying at the Institut Catholique de Vendee in the 2nd year in the program “Political Sciences”. In IPACS, she is studying under the academic mobility in the program “Politics and Law (a Russian-French program with in-depth study of foreign languages)“.

Valentin is fluent in Spanish and English in addition to her native French. Now she is actively studying Russian and wants to improve her level in the future. In addition, she is very interested in history and geopolitics.

She says: “I am very curious, so learning something new is a top priority for me. I love gaining knowledge and putting it into practice”.

During the conversation, Valentin talked about her hobbies and interests. She noted that she likes the most ordinary things such as singing, cooking, hanging out with friends and traveling. Also the French student spoke about her impressions of Russia.

Grimaud Valentin Mathilde Marie emphasized:

“For a long time, almost from childhood, I dreamed of going to Russia. Thanks to the academic mobility program, I managed to fulfill my plans. There are many things in Russia that surprise me. I came from a small town, so Moscow seems huge to me, big buildings, big streets. In addition, the people here are very kind and friendly. I’m glad I came here”.

For more information about how the conversation with the French student went, see in our video.

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