“IPACS InterClub”: Intellectual game “Musical culture of foreign countries in IPACS”

March 16, 2023

On March 9th, an event of the international student club “IPACS InterClub” called “Musical culture of foreign countries in IPACS” was held. The event was aimed at students` acquaintance with the most famous musical works of other countries.

The participants learned a lot about the culture and traditions of different countries from various classical musical works, tried to perform cult world hits in foreign languages, and answered quiz questions.

Such events allow students of IPACS RANEPA to practice their speaking skills, learn new information about other countries, as well as make new acquaintances and spend time usefully.


Polina Petukhova, a 1st year student in the program “Politics and Law”, noted:
“It was my first experience of attending such an event. I really liked it. Firstly, the competitions were very interesting and funny, and secondly, we sang songs in foreign languages. I think it is a great practice of English skills in a fun format.”


Nika Alekseeva, 1st year student in the program “Politics and Law“:
“After this intellectual game, I was completely delighted, thanks to the organizers everything went perfectly, the participants were able to overcome some embarrassment and completely immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the event. I want to note that competitions were extremely interesting, the team and I learned a lot of new and interesting things. I really want to attend such an event again!”

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