IPACS RANEPA held an online meeting with representatives of the National Academy of Civil Service of Vietnam

March 23, 2023

On March 10th, an online meeting was held at the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), RANEPA with representatives of the National Academy of Civil Service of Vietnam.

The IPACS RANEPA staff, professors, and representatives of the International Cooperation Department took part in the negotiations. The participants discussed promising areas for cooperation and discussed the possibilities of each division to form a common interest in further cooperation.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Chien, Rector of the National Academy of Public Administration, expressed great interest in possible partnerships, while indicating the interest of the Vietnamese higher education institution in such areas as the exchange of teachers and students, conferences, the implementation of additional professional education, as well as the need to separately work out and form a single range of tasks in each area.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Qué, Vice-Rector of the National Academy of Public Administration, noted that they are interested in specific areas of cooperation, namely: research activities for the training of managerial reserve personnel, organization of conferences on the exchange of managerial experience, on the digitalization of the public sector and other related aspects, with the civil service, the implementation of various further professional development programs and retraining of specialists.

During the meeting, Karolina Sikirinskaya, Head of the International Cooperation Department, IPACS RANEPA, outlined a wide range of international areas of the Institute, and also separately indicated an interest in bilateral cooperation within the framework of mobility programs, two diplomas and additional professional education with foreign partners.

Elena Kireeva, Dean of the Faculty of Personnel Administration of Organization and Civil Service, IPACS, spoke about the international projects of the faculty, as well as the experience of international cooperation with partners from different countries, offering a number of specific initiatives and ideas for joint cooperation with Vietnam.

Mikhail Polozkov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of State Regulation of Economy, IPACS, noted that the faculty already had experience in implementing advanced training programs with colleagues from Vietnam. Based on the successful experience of conducting similar programs with colleagues, Mikhail Polozkov suggested actively continuing work in this area. Also, he invited colleagues to take part in the annual international May conference of the IPACS.

Maxim Prokoshin, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration, outlined the possibility of holding online advanced training courses for civil servants and teachers in Vietnam. Maxim Prokoshin expressed interest in joint educational programs, and initiated work on an agreement on an academic mobility program.

Natalia Ipatova, Director of the Center for MBA Programs of the IPACS RANEPA, spoke in detail about the MBA program and invited Vietnamese students to take part in the program.

During the talks, the parties identified the main areas for further cooperation.

IPACS RANEPA thanks the National Academy of Civil Service of Vietnam for a productive meeting and the opportunity to develop long-term projects!

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