IPACS RANEPA students study new foreign languages

March 23, 2023

Students of the IPACS RANEPA study new foreign languages at the Higher Courses of Foreign Languages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation “Courses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

In February, groups for the study of Chinese, Arabic and Turkish were opened for IPACS RANEPA students. Students do not only study vocabulary and grammar, but also immerse themselves in the culture of new countries. Classes are adapted in accordance with international standards, and at the end of each level, students will have an opportunity to get a certificate.

IPACS students shared their impressions of the first month of classes.


Sofia Zakharevskaya, 1st year student in the program “International Projects and Programs Management”, said:

“From February 15th I started attending a course in Arabic. Classes are held 2 times a week, which is conveniently combined with my schedule. In 7 lessons, our Arabic group learned a lot, from learning the alphabet to reading texts. In my opinion, this is an amazing result in such a short period of time! The teacher is extremely competent, is a true professional and knows how to find an approach to each student.”


Valeria Yudaeva, a 4th year student in the program “Financial Control and Public Audit program”, said:

“I signed up for Chinese courses thanks to a mailing list from our leadership of the RANEPA Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service. I like the teaching method, everything is very clear and explained in detail, after the lesson you can stay and ask all your questions. No less pleasant is the sincere atmosphere at the lesson. Every student is ready to help, all the guys are very kind and friendly.”


Anastasia Gagina, 1st year student in the program “Analytics and Consulting in International Relations“, said:

“I really enjoy attending Turkish classes! The material is presented in a structured way, grammar and vocabulary are well practiced. Special thanks to our wonderful teacher, who introduces us to the culture of Turkey and tells a lot about the people of this country. Thanks to the courses, after just a few lessons, I can talk – maintain an easy conversation.”


Mark Kaltakhchyan, 3rd year student in the program “International Projects and Programs Management“, noted:

“The courses are amazing. I never would have thought that I would have such a talent for Chinese. But they were revealed thanks to a very attentive and qualified teacher. Classes are productive, interesting and exciting.”

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