Interview with Sabine Leys a student from France studying at the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS), RANEPA under the academic mobility program

April 6, 2023

Sabin came from La Roche-sur-Yon in France. There she is studying at the Catholique Institut de Vendee in the 2nd year in the program “Political Sciences”. In IPACS she is studying under academic mobility program “Politics and Law (a Russian-French program with in-depth study of foreign languages)“.

Sabin is fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish. She plays sports, but most of all she loves mixed martial arts. Sabin really likes Moscow: she goes to museums and explores a new city for her. Russian people especially sympathize with her.

She says that they are open and friendly: “I heard that Russian people are very cold and closed, but when I came here, I was convinced of the opposite. They are always ready to listen, they are interested in politics and culture of different countries. We have something to talk about, I’m very happy.”

In an interview, she said that she was interested in political science, international relations and economics. In addition, she noted that she plans to work in one of these areas. At the end of the interview, Sabin emphasized that she would advise her friends to also come to the IPACS RANEPA, because this is a great experience and opportunity.


Sabine Leys said: “Russia is a very interesting country in terms of history and government. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to come here and study at the IPACS RANEPA. For me, as a person who studies political sciences, studying in the program “Politics and Law” is an invaluable experience that will definitely be useful on my professional path”.

For more information about how the conversation went, see our video!

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