“School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” IPACS RANEPA: solving cases in international law

April 6, 2023

On March 28th, within the School for Foreign Affairs Newbie, IPACS RANEPA, case game in international law was held.

More than 20 controversial cases from the history of international law were proposed to solve the case. For example, among them were the “Prisoner of War Status Determination Case”, “The Case on the Prohibition of the Use of Nuclear Weapons”, “The Dispute between the United States and Peru” and many others. Among the many proposed topics, the teams settled on determining the status of prisoners of war and the case of Nicaragua versus the USA.

The result of the event was analytical notes that students compiled in groups, according to the plan: the subject of the dispute, the violated norms of international law, the arguments of the parties, what means of dispute resolution were used, the result of the dispute.

The moderator and participants of the meeting shared their impressions of the event.


Daniil Konotop, moderator, a 2nd year student in the program “Economics and administration (program with advanced level of foreign languages and economic disciplines)”, said:

“The event was held in a new format. This is one of the final classes at the School for Foreign Affairs for this academic year, and it is especially pleasing that during the entire period of study a group of students has formed who attend the School’s events on an ongoing basis. So, we are already starting to think over the concept of the School for the next year.”


Anna Karapetyants, a 3rd year student in the program “Sports Journalism”, noted:

“I really appreciate participating in such events, because in addition to the acquired practice of speaking in front of the audience, I learn to quickly work with a large amount of new information. I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers for the extensive list of selected topics, because already at home, after the end of the event, I had an interest in studying precedents that were not touched upon during the discussions.”


Alina Voronchikhina, 1st year student in the program “Management of International Projects and Programs”, noted:

“We were given the opportunity to feel like international lawyers. It was interesting to get into the details of the case and understand what tools were used to resolve it – and to discover how confusing cases can happen. I liked that we not only outlined the facts from the trials, but also established causal relationships, which is undoubtedly important in analytical work. Thanks to the past event, international law has become more alive and surprising for me.”

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