International student club “IPACS InterClub” held the Youth International Forum “Russian Federation in the new world order”

May 18, 2023

On May 16th, the Presidential Academy hosted the international youth forum “The Russian Federation in the System of the New World Order” as part of the annual May conference session of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service. The event was attended by IPACS students and foreign partner educational organizations.

The Youth International Forum is an annual unique platform of the IPACS International Student Club, organized to exchange views on topical issues on the global agenda and vectors of Russia’s development on the world stage. The peculiarity of the event is that students from foreign universities take an active part in it, who share their views on socio-economic and political issues in the Russian Federation.

The forum was solemnly opened by Vice-Rector of the Presidential Academy Polina Nemirovchenko, she emphasized that such international events are a great opportunity for the modern generation to exchange knowledge, learn more about the challenges the world community is facing, and discuss topical issues.

“As a result of today’s interaction, discussion of reports, you will be able to get acquainted with different opinions and international experience of colleagues. You are the future of our countries! I hope that you will be open to everything new in the world, establishing and strengthening international partnerships for the benefit of your country”, the Vice-Rector of the Academy addressed the participants.

Ruslan Korchagin, acting Director of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, warmly thanked the members of the IPACS International Student Club for popularizing the issues of cooperation with young leaders of other countries.

“Young people are the future of our country,” the head of the institute is sure. – We are glad to accept students from different foreign countries at the IPACS RANEPA site to organize an international communication platform. We invite everyone, come, and find out that Russia is a country of opportunities!”.

The forum discussed actual international topics relevant to the formation of Russia’s further geopolitical strategy: the concept of the country’s foreign policy, prospects for the development of Russian foreign economic activity with the BRICS countries, relations between Russia and Africa, and many others.

According to the foreign student Sabine Leys, who is a 2nd year student in the program “Politics and Law (Russian-French program with in-depth study of foreign languages)”, the event made an extraordinary impression on her.

“It is great that speaker students from around the world can discuss here acute and topical geopolitical issues and share their knowledge”, she shared.

Daniil Konotop, a 2nd year student in the program “Economics and Management (with in-depth study of a foreign language and economic disciplines)” at the Faculty of Public Administration of Economics, believes that such meetings are useful for several reasons at once.


“Firstly, participants can learn first-hand interesting information about various states. Secondly, the event is held in English – this is a great opportunity to practice your speaking practice. And thirdly, on such discussion platforms, students communicate, exchange experiences and ideas, and this is very cool”, the student believes.

The program of the youth international forum was completed by an interactive part, during which the brightest children were awarded, including the winners of quizzes and active participants in geopolitical debates.

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