Final project defense by the participants of the School for Foreign Affairs IPACS RANEPA

May 23, 2023

On May 18th, the final project was defended by the participants of the special project of the IPACS International Student Club “School for FAN” “Anti-crisis mechanisms of the educational environment in the international sphere”. The event took place as part of the annual May conference session of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS).

The project defense event was the first edition of the School for FAN project. It was attended by graduates of the School for Foreign Affairs, whose projects were evaluated by a competent jury.

In 2023, two projects were admitted to the defense: “New forms of cooperation between Russia and Latin America” and “Humanitarian cooperation in the field of education in Russia and the Asia-Pacific region”. Participants prepared video business cards, presentations, and detailed reports, which were distinguished by the depth of research and information content.

The youth project of the IPACS International Student Club is working with a new generation of future high-class international specialists. It is aimed at developing additional competencies among students of the Academy. As part of the project, students study various aspects of international relations: diplomacy, geoeconomics, international conflicts and law, foreign economic activity, features of trade and economic relations, and gain practical skills in solving business cases, speaking, and defending international projects.

The event was solemnly opened by the guest of honor of the International Student Club, Director for the Development of International Education and Cooperation of the RANEPA Larisa Taradina.

She wished the graduates good luck and gave them important parting words:

“Experience that you are gaining now is very important. The most important thing you can do now is to invest the maximum from yourself, to learn something new. You are great fellows for participating in such projects. They can be a great springboard for your professional path.”

At the end of the performances, the competent jury determined the best project. Representatives of the IPACS RANEPA – Dean of the Faculty of Personnel Administration and Civil Service Elena Kireeva, Head of the IPACS International Cooperation Department Karolina Sikirinskaya, Director of the program “Analytics and Consulting in International Relations (with in-depth study of foreign languages)Svetlana Zakharova, Associate Dean of the Faculty of International and Regional Research Yury Boikov gave their comments on the defense of projects.

The event ended with an interactive part prepared by the IPACS International Student Club and an awards ceremony. Graduates of the School for Foreign Affairs and the winners of the interactive received memorable gifts.

The organizers of the project, the jury and team members shared their impressions on the video.

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