Chinese Summer School at the IPACS RANEPA

June 16, 2023

Since June 1, students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service have been learning Chinese at the intensive course of the international cooperation department IPACS RANEPA, together with the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law of China.

The Chinese course is conducted in an online format and is aimed to study the basics of grammar. Several times a week students attend classes that are filled not only with theoretical materials, but also with interactive tasks. Together with lecturer Galina Kurenkova, students learn Pinyin, learn the correct pronunciation of the tones, immerse themselves in the basics of hieroglyphics, and learn interesting facts about the history of China and its people.

The course participants note that because of the large number of rules, the language at first seems difficult to learn. However, thanks to the structured training system, the use of educational videos, in-depth study and review of the homework, the process of learning Chinese language is active and interesting.


Alexandra Yarkova, 3rd year student in Politics and law:

“An accelerated Chinese course is a really good opportunity to learn a little more about this complex language, as well as to evaluate your strength in its study. It was important for me to see if I could learn a language that was so different from what I had learned before. Lecturer Galina Kurenkova – understandably explains, tries to devote time to each student, answers all our questions”.


Vita Malygina, 1st year student in Financial control and state audit:

“The course in Chinese is quite interesting, I want to study further and further! The educator explains very well and clearly, answers any questions. One hour of class flies like 10 minutes. I am very pleased that I signed up for this course. I learn Chinese in my spare time”.


Valeria Domnikova, 3rd year student in Regional policy and regional management:

“I would like to mention the work of the educator, Galina Kurenkova, who provides information very well. For such a short period of time it is really possible to get basic knowledge, because even for 4 classes we have studied a lot of materials! I really like the course, I would recommend it to other students, lovers of the Chinese language!”

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