IPACS RANEPA International Student Club “InterClub”: an event to unite the club’s activists

July 11, 2023

On July 4th, the IPACS RANEPA International Student club “InterClub” held a teambuilding event for club activists. Mentors of the Club have prepared interactive and intellectual games.

Each of the teambuilding participants named the most memorable event organized by the International Student Club and the IPACS RANEPA International Cooperation Department, among them: an open lecture by Konstantin Kosachev as part of the “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” project; Youth International Forum “Russian Federation in the system of the new world order”; Youth Festival “India – Russia. Worlds’ peoples’ friendship in the IPACS RANEPA”, as well as a joint educational trip to the cultural capital – St. Petersburg.

Students shared their emotions and impressions from the past event.


Alina Voronchikhina, 1st year student in the program “Management of International Projects and Programs“:

“The International Student Club gave me the opportunity to realize myself as a speaker, as a participant in various projects. I am glad that such an interesting event took place today. We really managed to get to know each other and discuss how “InterClub” will develop in the future.”


Anastasia Gagina, 1st year student in the program “Analytics and Consulting in International Relations“:

“I participated in many events organized by “InterClub”. Today I recalled those that I especially liked – each student offered interesting ideas for the development of the further work of the Club. I hope that we will be able to turn all these goals and objectives into reality thanks to the mentors and the chairman.”

As part of the event, “InterClub” students were able to discuss the development trajectories of the youth community for the next academic year, as well as express their wishes for improving the format of the Club’s work. Among the voiced proposals were holding thematic case championships in a foreign language, meetings with foreign experts from different countries in the format of open lectures, holding “Speaking clubs” in an even more interactive format, organizing outreach thematic events for rallying. The participants are confident that thanks to teambuilding, the team of the IPACS RANEPA International Student Club will continue to actively work in the field of international youth projects and help students develop their international professional competencies.

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