Practice-oriented approach: creation of projects by participants of the summer school “Project management: methodology, tools, methods”

August 27, 2023

From August 21 to 27, the summer school “Project Management: Methodology, Tools, Methods” was held at the Presidential Academy. For four days, students of the IPACS RANEPA and Turan University attended various lectures, webinars, master classes and interactive classes that were aimed at improving the skill of developing their own project with a full cycle of project management from its launch to implementation.

The educational program consisted of several project blocks:
Block 1. Master classes: “Project management. Methodology, Methods and Tools” from the speaker Vadim Sukharev, Associate Professor of the Department of Project and Program Management, IPACS RANEPA, who told students about the basic concept of change management – this is a key knowledge for a new generation of professionals, because everything that is aimed at improving the state and business is implemented through individual small projects, and to control the changes that may be encountered along the way is necessary to obtain the desired result;
“Product approach to project management: how to create value for the client?” from Vladimir Ogloblin, ex HRD and T&D of Lorus SCM companies (Sollers group), TechnoNIKOL Trading Systems, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational Design of Management Systems, IPACS RANEPA. The speaker said:
“In order to create a truly successful and effective project, it is necessary to pay attention to creating value, minimizing costs, flexibility and feedback from the client.”
Block 2. Interactive “Project idea: where to get it from?” The speaker emphasized:
“Creativity is very important in project management. It is necessary to generate new ideas in order to your project to be innovative and in demand.”
Block 3. Practice-oriented lesson “Planning and budgeting of the project: from conception to implementation.” The speaker was Larisa Egorova, Associate Professor of the Department of Project and Program Management, IPACS RANEPA, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor. She noted the high preparation and interest of students, emphasizing:
“Budgeting and financial management of the project is an important component of the competent regulation of project activities”.
As well as a workshop on recording commercials for team projects in the IPACS RANEPA media studio, which was conducted by Denis Prima, director and creative producer of the Khudyakov Production project, YouTube channels Fametime TV and Rasstriga.doc. He told the students about the basic rules of the industry and also stated,
“You don’t have to do something very difficult and serious. In order for the audience to remember your project, product or service, you need to do it creatively, in a new way“.
Block 4. Business game “The team decides!”, from Maria Gital, business coach, founder and CEO of the Training and Development Center TRAINING DAY, expert practitioner in the field of corporate training and personal development, certified coach of the International Coaching Federation (ACC ICF). According to the speaker, team communication is the foundation on which the effective work of each member of the project team is concentrated.

At all stages, the educational program was accompanied by work in project teams led by curators, where participants came up with the concept of the project, drew up a business plan, built a strategy, calculated the project budget, and presented it to curators and jury members.
We are sure that the summer school “Project Management: Methodology, Tools, Methods” helped the students of the IPACS RANEPA and Turan University to comprehensively study the experience in project management in order to apply the best practices on their future professional path.
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