Academy students have improved their project management skills

September 1, 2023

The closing ceremony of the Summer School “Project Management: methodology, tools, methods” was held at the Presidential Academy. The event was organized by the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of the RANEPA together with the Turan University (Kazakhstan).

The Summer School was held from August 21st to 27th. In addition to practice-oriented classes, its program includes master classes, teamwork under the guidance of curators and an interactive part. The rich cultural program included quizzes from the International student club (Interclub), which allowed the participants of the School to expand their knowledge about the history of the Presidential Academy and get acquainted with its infrastructure.

Participants presented the projects they had been working on throughout the School, as well as shared their ideas and vision of the management model. The winners were the 2nd year students of IPACS Victoria Lobaznova and Yaroslav Losev, who presented the project “SmartAPI”.

“The StartAPI project was created to support an entrepreneurial initiative. This is a platform for entrepreneurs who are in a situation of searching for new opportunities to develop their business. We cannot disclose details and subtleties about the project because we are currently engaged in further development and improvement of the project. But the impressions of the defense remained quite clear and colorful. We defended the project together – and this was such a memorable starting point from the very beginning of the creation of the project, because in general teams should consist of 5-6 people, but it turned out a little differently with us. I would also like to express my gratitude to our curator Yulia. It was very interesting to get feedback from experts and guys who highlighted the project from different sides: someone from the point of view of sympathy for the idea, someone from more detailed aspects, technical and intercultural. The defense and the final were quite intense and emotional. We were pleasantly excited about the victory and glad that our project was noticed and highly appreciated,” Victoria Lobaznova shared her impressions.

A mixed team of students from IPACS RANEPA and Turan University with the project “Musical Territory” won in the nomination “The most creative video”. This is a commercial shot by students and dedicated to the creation of a musical art space.

“We tried to make our commercial clear and simple so that anyone could appreciate the message of our project. I believe that such social projects will allow people from Moscow and Almaty to broaden their horizons and learn new things. And the promotional video will help you to learn about our project,” said Denis Kim, a Turan University student.

At the solemn awarding ceremony, the winners and participants were presented with personal certificates and prizes with the symbols of the IPACS RANEPA, as well as certificates giving the right to attend master classes from professors of the IPACS RANEPA and Turan University.


“The summer school was a very important event for us. We tried to make it practice-oriented, so that our students not only listened to lectures, but also received useful practical skills. As organizers, we were glad that such an important event was successful,” said Elena Litvintseva, Head of the IPACS Department of Organizational Design of Management Systems.

Summer School is an annual project aimed at long–term cooperation in the field of education not only between educational organizations, but also between Russia and Kazakhstan. The organizers of the project from the Academy were the IPACS Faculty of Personnel Administration and Civil Service and the IPACS International Cooperation Department.

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