International student club “InterClub” IPACS Presidential Academy: team building for new participants

March 20, 2024

On March 14th, a team building event was held for new members of the international club “InterClub” of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy.

Anastasia Belyakova, specialist of the IPACS International Cooperation Department for Youth Initiatives, answered in detail questions about the opportunities for self-realization of students within the club, and highlighted the prospects for the development of their international professional competencies, which the club opens for its participants.

Students became more familiar with the activities of “InterClub” and with each other and learned about personal career paths within the IPACS youth international community. In addition, participants were given the opportunity to express their ideas about improving the internal structure of the club, expanding its academic activities and ideas for future events.

Timur Perla, 1st year student in the program “Public Effective Management (with in-depth study of a foreign language)”, noted:

“I liked the quantity and quality of the interactions, their diversity, and the involvement of the participants. Pleasant, working atmosphere and interesting team. Good presentation of the necessary information and its content and specificity”.

Diana Kim, a 1st year student in the program “Public Effective Management” (with in-depth study of a foreign language)”, noted:

“A very interesting event, filled with a variety of activities for getting to know each other and establishing connections with colleagues. Such consultations from department employees are extremely necessary, since they help you become familiar with the inner workings of the club. I realized that this extracurricular activity will help develop international communication skills”.

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