IPACS has entered the international association of the Higher schools of business of AMBA (Assosiation of MBAs)

May 29, 2017

The Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of RANEPA has entered the international Association of MBAs.

IPACS of RANEPA has become a member of one of the world’s most prestigious organizations of MBA graduates and students with headquarters in the UK.

AMBA (Association of MBAs) is an international organization founded in 1967. It deals with the accreditation of business schools and MBA programmes. The schools possessing the AMBA accreditation agree with the recognized international quality standards in business education.

Association of MBA is a unique international professional platform, which unites MBA students and graduates, thousands of accreditated business schools and employers in more than 110 countries. Association of MBAs grants the services, which provide continuous professional development of the participants by the means of education, information and the connection with the MBA business net.

The participation in Association of MBAs provides great opportunities for the students of IPAM, especially MBA listeners. They are the following:

  • An exclusive online community of students and graduates from more than 240 AMBA accreditated schools. Being a participant of the Association, IPACS of RANEPA becomes a part of international expert net of 25 000 participants.
  • An opportunity to listen to the lectures given by highly professional teachers.
  • An opportunity to provide the students and graduates with its achievements. An opportunity to take part in discussions, to keep in touch with AMBA graduates by the means of business net (Global MBA Online Community).
  • A business net of employers created in order to hire MBA students and graduates.
  • A worldwide database, which informs MBA participants about any possible vacancies.
  • An exclusive center of career development. Such a center is one of the most important and valuable advantages which is offered to a member of the Association. It is created specially to help the students to clarify their future professional activity. An exclusive online platform for possible job placement is provided.
  • Presence and online meetings and webinars. Association of MBA organizes international events for the members and students of MBA. From small events such as webinars during lunch time and educational workshop in the top-level business schools to vivid business events where famous speakers perform.
  • Recent sectoral news and articles covering leading ideas.
  • Access to a prestigious exclusive opportunity of the communication with the Association members.

All the opportunities listed above widen the borders of IPACS activity, open the prospects of further development of IPACS MBA Center as well as create a platform for the exchange of scientific information among the teachers and the students of IPACS RANEPA.

You can learn more at website of Association of MBA.

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