Professors Amir Hamidulin and Ekaterina Komarova Became the Certified Examiners International Exams of French DELF-DALF

November 13, 2018

On September 2018 Amir Hamidulin and Ekaterina Komarova, professors of language training for the cadres of state government of IPACS, passed professional training at the courses in the French Institute (Institut Français) under the Embassy of France to Russia.

     Our colleagues passed successfully the final tests and obtained sertificates of International exams of French DELF-DALF examiners. They participated, already as examiners, in examinatios organized in November by the French Institute.
      So three sertified professors having right to be examiners at the only officially recognized by France international exam of French work now in IPACS.
      They not only are able to teach French to students in the framework of the programs of international exchanges with Francophone universities (which often demand the DELF diploma), but also know international criteria of evaluation of the master a language and contemporary trends and methods in teaching foreign language.

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