Bachelor’s degree

41.03.01. Foreign Regional Studies


Analytics and Consulting in International Relations (with advanced level of foreign languages)

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Until the admission campaign of 2019, the educational profile is implemented as ‘Information and Analytical Support for International Cooperation (with advanced level of foreign languages)’.

We invite you to get modern, high-quality and prestigious education in the direction of ‘Foreign regional studies’.

Assigned qualification: bachelor.

Admission is based on secondary education on the basis of the results of the unified state exam (USE) assessed on a one hundred-point scale (in Foreign language, the Russian Language, History). On the basis of secondary vocational or higher education – according to the results of entrance examinations conducted by the Academy independently.


  • International organizations;
  • Bodies of state power and municipal government;
  • Organizations of any form of ownership, conducting international activities and requiring specialists in organizational and managerial, design, consulting, research and development activities.

Languages available for learning:

  • Spanish, Italian, German, French languages
  • English

* It is possible to participate in mobility program.
A complete list of foreign partners can be studied under following link
«Our foreign partners».

For more detailed information, you can contact the international curator of the program:

  • Karolina Sikirinskaya, Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department, Deputy Director of the Russian-Italian Center IPACS RANEPA;
    + 7 (499) 956-94-37, +7 (926) 940-66-95;


Competences and advantages


Advantages of the program:

  • formation of deep knowledge about the region of specialization and skills of specific activities – analytical and consulting;
  • training in two foreign languages, studies conducted in foreign languages (from the 3rd year), the state exam in the language of the region of specialization;
  • early formation of intercultural communication skills, co-education with foreign students;
  • guaranteed provision of students with places of practice, including long-term undergraduate practice;
  • opportunity to study at foreign universities, within the program of academic student mobility (student exchange), foreign internships;
  • participation in research conducted by the Academy and potential employers, opportunities for publications in scientific journals;
  • the prospect of further education in the Russian and foreign master`s within double degree programs.

We create conditions in which every student gains experience in international communication. Our graduates know not only the theory but also the practice of international relations.

Our graduates have the following competencies:

  • they know the methods of analytical research and forecasts of international processes, preparation of analytical documents which are taken at international political decisions;
  • they are able to advise participants of international relations at different levels, are able to apply the technology of negotiations, international PR;
  • they are able to work with foreign databases, understand the importance of information in international relations, know and comply with the basic requirements of information security, including the official secrets protection.


Karolina Sikirinskaya

Karolina Sikirinskaya

Curator of the program

Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department . Deputy Director of the Russian-Italian Center IPACS RANEPA .
Tatiana Panova

Tatiana Panova

Program Director

PhD in Economics.
Dean of the Faculty of international regional studies and regional management.
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