Bachelor’s degree

40.03.01. Jurisprudence


Legal and financial specialty (program with advanced level of foreign languages and European organizations law)

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Higher school of law (Until 2018, the scientific Director of the higher school of law was Veniamin Fedorovich Yakovlev, a Soviet and Russian lawyer and statesman. Councilor to the President of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, honored lawyer of the RSFSR. Full knight of the order of merit for the Fatherland) in cooperation with the faculty of law and political science of the University of the Cote d’azur offer applicants a bachelor’s program “Law. International legal profile (with profound study of a foreign language and the law of European organizations)”.

To implement this program, the Academy created a Directorate headed by the head of the Higher school of law, Doctor of Law Oleg Zaitsev.

Admission is based on secondary General education based on the results of the Russian unified state exam (foreign language, social studies, Russian language) evaluated on a hundred-point scale, and (or) on the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. On the basis of secondary professional or higher education – based on the results of entrance tests. Foreign citizens take entrance exams.

It is implemented in French when studying at a partner University.



If, despite the overall successful academic performance:

  • French language was failed;
  • studying and living for a year in France has become unaffordable;
  • there were other obstacles that precluded continuing education in France.

In such cases, the student has the right to:

  • continue training in this program in its Russian part at IPACS or VAVT and get a diploma from the RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation or RFTA;
  • switch to one of the other programs implemented by the IPACS RANEPA and our partners.

Competences and advantages


  • Bachelor’s degree in the state standard of the Russian Federation in the field of “Law”; license
  • Diploma of the French Republic in the field of”Law”.

The advantages of this program are not only and not so much in its international status, but also in:

  • the purpose of the project is to train lawyers who can professionally defend the interests of Russia and its citizens in European and international organizations;
  • curriculum that provides in-depth study of foreign languages, practices of European international organizations, international and Russian law;
  • the faculty consists of the best specialists in the field of law, public administration, and foreign language teachers.


  • 1–3 year: in Moscow.
  • 4th year: at the University of Nice Sofia-Antipolis.

For more detailed information, you can contact the international curator of the program:

  • Elena Ponomarenko
    Director of the Russian-French Center for Education and Consulting IPACS RANEPA;
    tel.: +7 (499) 956-09-24, +7 (926) 196-44-63; email:


Oleg Zaytsev

Oleg Zaytsev

Program Director

Doctor of Legal Sciences.
Dean of Department «Higher School of Jurisprudence». Professor of Department for Legal Support of Market Economy.
Tatyana Demenok

Tatyana Demenok

Program Tutor

Specialist of the Higher school of law Department .
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