Bachelor’s degree

42.03.02. Journalism


Production and cultural policy

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Programme outline
The modern world is characterized by a great variety of projects and ideas. They define development and put teams together, fill the media and unite people. Not only does journalism fix and display events these days, but it also forms and prepares them. The one who will be able to suggest the agenda will become the creator of the image of the future and the leader of social processes. This very kind of specialist – able to think of and realize projects of social importance, go all the way from generating the idea to implementing it – will be prepared by the programme “Production and cultural policy”.

Graduates will be able to solve the problems of communication between the government and the society, of social art, and of cultural outlook forming.
We will teach how to implement and promote political, sociocultural and media production projects; manage groups of creative organizations; initiate and support projects and programmes of social importance contributing to the development of modern society; evaluate commercial potential of projects.

We accept enrollees based on general secondary education with the State Exam (EGE) results of 100-point grading scale and/or based on the results of the Academy internal entry examinations. On basis of postsecondary education – with the results of entry examinations.

State Exam (EGE) results needed: Russian, Social Studies. In addition, there will be a creative exam on the faculty (an essay and a test).


Competences and advantages

What will our graduates become?

  • A journalist? Yes, the training is carried out according to the state standard of “Journalism” education programme, the graduate will get a degree in journalism and will be able to work in press, on the radio and TV, in Internet projects. But that is not all.
  • A project director? Yes, because the studies will give you knowledge of programmes and projects management, of project economy, of gathering an effective team.
  • A PR-manager? Yes, as you will learn to promote your project so that it will be interesting not only for you.
  • A GR-manager? Yes, you will be able to establish contacts with state authorities and take your initiative to the official level.
  • A sociologist and a political expert? You will be well up in socio-political processes and will be able to respond to social requests.

And all that on basis of liberal education.

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