Bachelor’s degree

38.03.01. Economics


Regional economy

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The program is implemented by the Faculty of public administration of Economics

The profile is intended for ambitious people (with secondary professional education, bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s degrees) who want to:

  • change their specialty;
  • deepen their knowledge in the previously studied field;
  • get a second higher education in Economics;
  • increase your value in the labor market.

Admission is conducted on the basis of secondary vocational education-on a competitive basis based on the result of the Russian National Exam (entrance test for certain categories of applicants) social studies. On the basis of secondary full General education – on a competitive basis based on the results of the Russian unified state exam (entrance tests for certain categories of applicants) in mathematics (profile subject), Russian language, subject of choice: social studies, foreign language.

* It is possible to participate in mobility program.
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Competences and advantages


The program is aimed at developing managers who have deep professional knowledge, research and analytical skills necessary for preparing and making management decisions and are able to find non-standard solutions in any business situation.

The goal of the program is to ensure sustainable and dynamic development of the Russian economy through the training of highly qualified bachelors with significant intellectual potential.

  • Training of bachelors whose professional field includes economic, financial, marketing, production and economic and analytical services of organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership, types and spheres of economic activity.
  • The program is taught by highly qualified teaching staff, including leading teachers of IGSU, experts-practitioners from major Russian and foreign companies, state authorities and local governments.
  • Creative learning environment promotes mutual enrichment and development of new knowledge, provides unlimited opportunities for self-development at the end of the program.
  • Convenient, flexible schedule of classes, possibility of on-the-job training, on Saturdays.
  • Developed international component of the curriculum, which includes: participation in international training internships included in the educational process.
  • Specialized language training that allows you to study subjects in English.
  • The faculty offers students assistance in finding employment in leading Russian and foreign companies and in career development.
  • Flexible payment system: installment payments in several stages; a wide system of preferential payment terms.


  • General cultural competencies related to the formation of the ability to analyze socio-economic problems and develop proposals for their solution at the regional level; understanding the essence and significance of information in modern society; foreign language skills to study the best foreign practices of regional management.
  • Professional competencies required for selecting and applying tools for processing economic data, describing economic processes and phenomena at the regional level, analyzing and interpreting financial information from domestic and foreign sources.
  • Special competencies based on knowledge of the requirements for drawing up plans for the socio-economic development of regions and municipalities, the ability to effectively implement projects and programs at the regional and municipal levels.

Mikhail Polozkov

Mikhail Polozkov

Program Director

Doctor of Economic Sciences. Professor.
Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance of the public sector .
Alexander Bystryakov

Alexander Bystryakov

Scientific supervisor

Doctor of Economic Sciences. Professor. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Head of Department of Public Sector Economy and Finance. Deputy Director of IPACS RANEPA. Scientific adviser of the Faculty of State Audit. Professor of Department of Public Sector Economy and Finance.
Larisa Zhuchkova

Larisa Zhuchkova

Tutor of the program

Specialist of the 1st category of the faculty of state management of Economics .
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